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  1. I think/conspire reworking Say Yes to Heaven for every new album is a good luck ritual for her relationship and she will finally put the song on an album when she gets married.
  2. They will...hopefully...one day
  3. You either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the cult leader.
  4. Her 37th song hit 100M Spotify streams on her 37th birthday... stars are aligning
  5. Thoth

    Instagram Updates

    Waiting for her to post something…
  6. I’ve been manifesting.
  7. She will release the lead single when the stars align.
  8. I just noticed she has an Instagram highlight titled "Stars Align" with her video in Italy and W magazine shoot. I wonder if it means something.
  9. Thoth

    West Coast

    Her best song ever. I actively search for UV reaction videos on Youtube to see how casual listeners react to the tempo change and everybody is floored by it.
  10. Mike Dean could have been one of the best things happened to Lana but I still remember having second hand embarrassment over fans spamming him to "fix" the ending of WFWF.
  11. I can totally see her using voice memo as final vocals after putting YouTube-rip songs on BB.
  12. Just from this excerpt, it sounds like she has track listing etc. ready or at least significant amount of songs done.
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