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  1. I know she has used the phrase "cruel world" numerous times in her songs but I would like to hear the original lyrics of Cruel World (?) "let the light in, it's a cruel world" somewhere.
  2. Does anyone know under which label this song is going to be released? Also does anyone know or any theories about how she met with Nasri Tony Atweh and decided to work on this particualr song, it came out of blue.
  3. To be fair, "You made me trade my violets for roses" lyrics were already leaked through merch. They also said Black Bathing Suit is like High by the Beach if I remember correcly.
  4. It's beautiful how this deep normality settles down over me! Happy birthday
  5. If you think Beautiful is a beatiful surf rock song then you can continue to believe lusforlife. I defended him before BB release but now I feel like a clown.
  6. Thoth

    The Weeknd

    This album is just brilliant.
  7. I don't think it is a hint to her new album or music. Maybe only a hint that the jacket will come to LDRVillage because I remember they were asked about it.
  8. Ölmek için Doğduk Cennet Şiddetötesi Balayı Yaşam Arzusu Norman Sikik Rockwell Golf Klübü Üzerinde Kimyasal İzler Mavi Korkuluklar
  9. I don't know how to explain but Neptune by FOALS is giving me Venice Bitch vibes maybe because of long instrumental breakdowns but also in a weird way that sonically VB feels like I'm looking at the crashing waves while Neptune feels like I'm in those crashing waves.
  10. Because features absorb lanergy from songs and increase entropy.
  11. Manifesting absolutely zero (0) features on this album
  12. Thoth


    I think the leak incident did a lot of damage to Rebel Heart. It was going to be like two seperate albums Rebel + Heart and we were going to have a cohesive project but 40+ demos leaking year before made her change the direction.
  13. Blue Banisters should have beeen titled Wildflower Wildfire and the tittle track should have been the opening track with the opening lines of "Here's the deal cause I know you wanna talk about it". Thank you.
  14. I would say The Blackest Day "It's not one of those phases I'm going through Or just a song, it's not one of them I'm on my own again" Even Heroin has some hope in it "Makes me feel like I can change"
  15. Thoth

    Sad Girl

    I think this song has one of the best instrumentals/production in the album. For that reason, I don't see it as a filler. Recently I came across a mash up of it with Your Girl. Idea of having Your Girl as its outro sounds amazing! You can check below:
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