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    Rehab, DWRY and Cry Me a River are sister songs. Fun fact: Devil Wouldn't Recognise You was written by Madonna and Joe Henry after American Life for her scrapped Hello Suckers! musical (Hung Up, How High and some others were also written for this musical). It was then reworked with JT and Timbaland.
  2. I was joking too. I don't know what any of that means.
  3. As a fellow key west lime nymphet, winter fairy grunge coquette and a coconut femcel; I find this thread a bit offensive.
  4. Yes I feel like at the end of 2023…
  5. I wish security knocked the f out of him. So scary with his movements.
  6. It fits really well for Tulsa Jesus Freak but considering TJF is about Sean… It is most probably filmed during Chemtrails era as someone else also stated.
  7. Well they have a tale to tell...
  8. Don't know if any of it is true but I saw the below on Thunder's wiki page comments: Alex Turner was actually involved in the creative process of this song. He played the guitar and piano on the DEMO version. Zach Dawes even posted a picture on his Instagram when they were in the studio recording the song. He is not credited in the FINAL version, because he used to date Lana's friend Taylor Bagley. Lana removed Alex's contribution on the song since he cheated on Taylor.
  9. Thoth


    Does anyone living in Europe have spare code for Marshadow/Genesect/Volcanion please
  10. She uploaded an Instagram story in 4 parts, representing four quarters of the year. The first three parts were in black & white and the last one was in color. It means she is releasing her album in Q4 of 2022.
  11. Just a reminder, all 11 songs on Chemtrails have guitar.
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