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  1. I am very perched for this announcement that's coming on the 7th. I hope we get an album title, cover, tracklist and pre-orders with a lead single announcement and date too.
  2. What if she’s just releasing a Christmas album?
  3. Alternative Queen of Spotify! Her numbers are only growing. What a timeless discography! She surpassed Gaga EONS ago, but it makes me happy that Lana has surpassed her as a MUSICIAN! (In 2014 tbh). Talent won
  4. If Jesus Was a Rockstar flopped. Back to the drawing board, Kimmie. I wonder if they'll try to re-launch with a new single or let it flop gracefully and carry on with the plans for the album. She so desperately needs to get something out there again.
  5. This Feeling

    Charli XCX

    Fair. But you know what I mean! If she's gonna sell out, I'ma need her to fully commit. I heard The Middle on the radio the other day and thought about how Charli recorded a version, my god did they make the correct choice because the song definitely called for someone with actual vocal talent. Her over-processed vocals would have been a monstrosity for this track. I really wish she would ditch that aspect of her music, it's so jarring.
  6. This Feeling

    Charli XCX

    I hope the next album gives Sucker teas. I need a polished bubblegum pop record from her, leave all of the experimental stuff out and just go full on Max Martin style production if you're going to serve basic popstar. An album in the vein of Focus/GNO/Taxi (genuinely her best work to date) would be so amazing. Crash's subject matter about relationships/cheating was off-putting, if you're gonna be immature just be fun with it.
  7. This Feeling

    Charli XCX

    Body of My Own is one of her best songs of all time.
  8. Me waiting for something to happen.
  9. This is quite hard. Boys Nobody Asked Me Omanko Night Time, My Time I Blame Myself You're Not The One
  10. During the Christmas freeze? Now, we know Lana doesn't care for promotion and numbers but I don't even think she or the label would allow this to happen.
  11. I forgot about her best song of all time. Oh wow! Back when she was a real musician. Now she's over
  12. I respect your opinion <3 I know it's quite controversial to discuss a possible personality disorder, but I in no way meant any disrespect or harm!
  13. I appreciate your interpretation! It's very interesting. It's plausible especially since she touches on the subject in Text Book, which we know is about her dad. Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3
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