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  1. Y'all quenching for a single or something while I'm still getting my life to Buddy's Rendezvous and OB....
  2. I must be one of few people who enjoy Beautiful. I love the lyrics for some reason, they are comforting. It does kinda feel like she’s rushing through the song to get it over with though. Especially in the second chorus. But I think it’s a pretty song with a nice sentiment. And I enjoyed IYLDWM and I love BBS.
  3. I think I'd be even more mad at that! I hope they go all the way, whether they take it there for me personally or not. I can't @ just slapping features on song titles for essentially background vocals like SOTB so tacky to me.
  4. I feel the same - I was not excited for a TG collab, I've heard her music here and there and while I think some of it sounded fun it's not really my cup of tea to frequent. This collab seemed so random to me when I first read about it and I know a lot of you are hyped for this one but I'm going in prepared to be disappointed or taken aback lol. Her female collabs (outside of COCC & Stevie) are like bingo to me. Not that we've gotten too many. Lol
  5. And maybe she doesn't feel like reshooting everything again I still have hope she'll do another one of those extended videos like she did for NFR/Bartender/HIAB
  6. Is it possible that she already shot videos for some songs but the footage was lost when her electronics were robbed?
  7. Nope! It makes the song sound more refreshing....and hearing how well the songs before and after it blend together. Title track is absolutely brilliant
  8. I feel like another single will come out either at the end of this month or the start of next. No way she won't feed us another before the album
  9. Someone quote me with the production credits please? I can't be skimming through page after page, things move way too fast in here lol.
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