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  1. Big Star

    Charli XCX

    hey at least that could mean we're getting another video
  2. me when i see dealer surpassing summertime sadness on spotify
  3. u will be released soon - if i manifested hard for a cherry blossom and thunder official release u can be official too
  4. She wrote If You Lie Down With Me just for me i fucking know it
  5. the fact she ignored comments about Thunder made me
  6. Text Book, Arcadia, Sustain? i cant think of more help
  7. did no one ask about btd and aka anniversary shit
  8. before this pre release ends i just wanted bring in a blast from four months ago the past (cuz i wanna show off my thunder prediction too ) this was the first pre release i got to be a part of from the beginning since the bitch decided to shit another album and it was a wild ride so thanks for that Thunder has a special place in my heart it was my break up song back in May along with White Dress and to see it actually see the light of day the way it is... it's just magical and i'm eternally grateful for it. I wish I heard the song earlier because i was literally in that position but i'm glad i'm out of it! LUV U GUYS
  9. finally listened to the album and just wanted to say... my AOTY! breakdown of the record imminent stay tuned
  10. the video is so anyways lets get to work and manifest that Thunder video ladies
  11. Anything that bitch touches turns to gold - even that horrendous collab her bridge on DCMA has me on a grip.
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