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    Music to listen to listen to in a rainstorm?
  2. LDR9 tracklist just leaked I'm claiming naked tarot card readings
  3. Why do we think something's coming today?
  4. BTD is a fresh early summer midday UV is a cold but bright late winter/early spring morning by the coast. Honeymoon is a hazy, warm midsummer afternoon. LFL is the dreamy sunset fading into twilight following on from HM. NFR is a late summer evening with the magical golden light cast by the sun just before it sets. COCC is waking up at 5 am in late autumn and going on a walk in the countryside in silence before the rest of the world wakes up. BB is an overcast but warm late afternoon in mid autumn. LDR9 will be a late spring morning just before a storm rolls in.
  5. LDR9 will be one of her most albums to date and will be released. The songs will contain lyrics, melodies, themes and instruments. Critics will have thoughts about it. It will also be by Lana Del Rey.
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow? Edit: definitely nope but that's who came to mind
  7. Is the body Grimes? And I feel like that's Gaga's nose
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