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  1. That doesn't really affect the countdown though because of the 20 day situation. Normally I wouldn't trust it for a different album but it's only 2.5 months later so I doubt she'd change the schedule. I think the first WD teaser was supposed to be the only one but she then had to post a clip because of the delay. If that's true, it makes an April 30th single more likely because the BB teaser has the same format as the first teaser. I feel like I've posted about this so much because I hope it's true so bad.
  2. So I had a surgery today and in the hospital I saw a person that looked exactly like Jack Antanoff with glasses. Girls and gays it's a sign that Jack won't be producing the album because he decided to leave the US to become a hospital janitor.
  3. Idk she did a Gucci campaign before NFR and that wasn't exactly her most glam era...
  4. Noo why did she delete it... Maybe she accidentally leaked something from the Gucci beauty collab Still up on her insta story tho...
  5. Lmao RCS is actually the sequel to Tomb Raider confirmed, with Lana playing the lead role of Lana Croft. They wanted to release it the same day as COCC but they knew it would be too powerful
  6. Please can we make a collective effort not to respond to a certain troll on here. I find it funny that they think they're an intellectual who alone can understand the artistry and complexity of his production. Everyone who disagrees has objectively 'bad taste'. I enjoy Jack's work with her but oh my god the lack of self awareness. I'll take 'terrible drum loops' and 'shitty, melodramatic strings and synths' any day over Lana quietly whispering into a microphone while Jack plays the same three chords somewhere in the background on the world's tiniest piano. No matter how many times you defend him, he's still not going to fuck you.
  7. Clearer doesn't necessarily mean better imo. I think the mic choice on Honeymoon suited the mood of the album and made it more cohesive.
  8. As far as I'm concerned, this is the reason for the repetition on COCC and other albums. It's Lana singing to the same old chord progressions rather than the producer making her ideas into a reality.
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