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  1. guess lana and rob have a picsart family plan
  2. hate to say it but from lana's wording it's clear the album is delayed and it's not just the boxset / merch / whatever else. also, tons of publications picked up on running stories about the delay and if it weren't the case her label would be (or rather should be) working overtime to correct them considering nobody will be streaming on march 10th
  3. you know despite having a song called I Blame Myself she tends to put a lot of the blame on others
  4. Corduroy

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    hey, first post here (: a snippet of the song miss u kiss u leaked, from the scrapped 2018 ep project before dedicated, produced by yves rothman hopefully we get it in full soon and it’s not another eternal summer situation ??
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