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  1. I think the urge to listen on loop comes from the idea "if i play it like 8 times, an electric guitar moment might come from nowhere"
  2. but if you lie down with me outro is a serve
  3. My rankings: 1)If you lie down (the outro and verses are 🤤) 2)Dealer (the belting and sultry voice.. wow) 3)Thunder (it's soo good w/ new production) 4)Black Bathing Suit (i still have a hard time listening this song, but it's a very good experimental song) 5)NoTG ( the harmonization, guitar and Lana= perfection) 6)Living Legend (i live for that "sax" solo) 7) WW ( the best of the four singles lyrically and sonically, i love how it builds at the end and "hot coffee" part is that bitch) 8)Violets for Roses (the lyrics and simple production are serving) 9)Beautiful (well, it has something beautiful in it) 10)Sweet Carolina (i love baby blues part, not a strong song) 11)Cherry Blossom (good and calming one) 12)Text Book (i can't listen this song because of that chorus "sonically") 13)Blue Banisters (could have been better with strong production) 14)Arcadia (I live for Arcadia slander🔪🔪🔪)
  4. the snippet of COCC was giving that too tho but...
  5. i even made arcadia hidden in spotify, i just play it when i want to suffer my ears
  6. arcadia is my least favorite song of the album and I live for Arcadia slander🔪🔪
  7. this! i want a new fresh trilogy so much
  8. this album has more replay value than cocc and it makes me so haaapyyy
  9. I think the album would have been more cohesive sonically if WW was placed after Arcadia since WW has crisp sound effects at the end and the Trio has bass effects that would be coherent with that crisp sound, plus Arcadia and WW are slow songs either. and I think WW losts its magic when i play the album in order since it's between Thunder and NoTG, little bit more moving songs than WW. I was listening WW more excited before the album release than I am now.
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