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  1. she looks like ann from arrested development here
  2. Knowing that she's engaged to a different guy I thought of it as a more negative line. Him? Is this really who I want to marry and die with?
  3. thankfully filthy john musty didn't ruin the song like that one girl did with for free
  4. The Grants - an intro song that overstayed its welcome SKIP DYK - pretty good and love the optimistic tone of the second half Sweet - im not a lyrics guy and she doesn't say anything interesting or new here. boring songwriting too SKIP AW - first half > second half but still one of the better songs of the album Both interludes are skips obviously Candy Necklace - i love the snippet she shared and that is still the best part of the song. i was iffy on it but it grew on me. not the best tho Kintsugi - I get this one confused with sweet cause it's forgettable. I also get Shrek - Hallelujah vibes from it. I do have to say I enjoy the lines about folk songs and her blood relatives. Among her most controversial ideas put to music. SKIP Fingertips - Love this one. I love the gentle up and down wave ascending and descending spiral staircase melody and rhythm. It seems to me that Fingertips started out like a Violet track but ending up being songified more. The sparkle censor kinda ruins it cause it takes me out of the song, ready to pay attention, but i'll tolerate. Paris, Texas - Enjoyable but not among the best so I flip flop between listening or skipping. MAYBE SKIP Grandfather - pretty 90s sounding. among the top songs of the album but it leaves me wanting more LTLI - makes me think of todd rundgren and i love it Margaret - broken social scene/feist house of strombo lover's spit intimate basement performance. love this one too. on a side note, i wouldn't mind if she took some inspo from them for her next album fishtail - someone here said it's reminiscent of kiss it better and i do like kiss it better but i just don't care for this one. it's not an awful song, it's just forgettable. SKIP Peppers - love this one but I wish she had sampled a bit more from Angelina and didn't muffle tommy's voice. Also the talk-singing is really just a vehicle to bring you to hands on your knees. In the album, it's among the better songs, but in her discography it doesn't rate very high. Taco Truck - caribbean blue in sweater weather i love that specific part because it reminds me of her earlier days. the x VB part ruins it obviously because Venice Bitch is extremely overrated and generic hip hop beats isn't a cool and interesting addition. neither is get high, lake placid. Like peppers, in the album it's better but in her discography it's not so high. 9/16 songs to listen to. 56%. A failing grade. LFL is way too low
  5. COCC and BB > NFR and TUOB
  6. Sweet is just another iM nOt LiKE oThEr gIRls track. She's not the typical LA girl so...whatnow.gif
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