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  1. wish we had more high energy songs on this album even bbs is tame
  2. I don't have a problem with the bells on HTD but with the hi hat instead. Its timing is off and distracting.
  3. i pretty much never double click on interlude or violets for roses. should've never made the album. dealer, thunder, wfwf are flawed but still low tier. so sad she neutered thunder but at least we still have the superior version.
  4. yes, BB is just more cohesive and has a consistent sound throughout. i love COCC but it flows like a singles collection.
  5. notg, cb, sc have unsatisfying endings. they needed 30s to 1 min more.
  6. Beautiful is good. The "problem" is that it's very generic and could be done by any other artist. Even Lana's usage of "blue" in the song is the mainstream conventional idea - sadness/unhappiness.
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