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  1. Hoping wait in the Benz surfaces soon! Thank everyone for all the recent songs
  2. Did cobra OG file ever leak or the alternate version that someone said they may post on leaked leak?
  3. I can’t get cobra out of my head! Someone said they may share a different version of the song if nobody else does! 🙏🏼
  4. Cobra is so good! Thank you
  5. Are we still getting that Kim Petra’s mass leak tomorrow that’s been all over dbree?
  6. DirtyBlonde

    Melanie Martinez

    I wonder if someone buys the 777$ necklace if she’ll also include a CD with all her leaked songs.
  7. DirtyBlonde


    My body is seriously such a bop
  8. Can someone please repost these? I’m curious what album covers your using for beg borrow and steal, as the ones on google aren’t the best
  9. She performed live on stage and gave nothing.
  10. DirtyBlonde


    my friend asked her during the before q&a if she was gonna release the song she did w Heidi, and slayyyter said Heidi and her only recorded the gimme more remix, but obviously only slayyyters version came out. Kinda disappointed
  11. DirtyBlonde

    Melanie Martinez

    What artwork are you guys using for the MM3 sessions?
  12. DirtyBlonde

    Azealia Banks

    She’s really been out here scamming everybody of their soap lol
  13. DirtyBlonde

    Kylie Minogue

    Sexual Golf from the X demo’s is so good! Have you guys heard of?
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