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  1. this is what i thought!
  2. I wish I could hear more of Lana's vocals in Breaking Up Slowly
  3. im assuming it's a lot more piano. if what BoZ says is true, im looking forward to it!! if it's not i don't mind either way why do y'all hate on her piano ballads...
  4. do any of you think she will release the album before 29/10?? xx
  5. the only movie adaptation i would accept is in the horror genre. i find both adaptations to be unwatchable. it's like the directors of both adaptations sympathized with humbert
  6. old hollywood


    omg thanks sm @That Venice Bitch@Elle !!!!
  7. old hollywood


    Does anyone have any song recs from K flay? My friends keep recommending me to listen to her music but idk where to start
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