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  1. “they don’t even seem to think it’ll arrive” like... don’t they remember the email that was sent to all of us about the delay in the shipping of the cards??? sick and twisted on their part
  2. probably the customer service agent that reached you didn’t have any idea about the delay of signed cards. i’m not losing hope and will wait at least until mid december
  3. I actually asked them yesterday and they told me it was the black vinyl but i really believe they still don’t have much clue about it
  4. Just one hour after posting this, I received a notification in the mail about the vinyl arriving tomorrow!
  5. Two weeks and still no sight of my red vinyl from Piccadilly Records
  6. LADIES! BB Red vinyl is finally prob coming to Fnac France on Nov 19 https://www.fnac.com/a16404543/Lana-Del-Rey-Blue-Banisters-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=6
  7. My BB red vinyl from Piccadilly Records just changed the status from “Pre-ordered” to “In Stock Ready For Dispatch”
  8. First picture of the BB white transparent vinyl! https://ibb.co/2SPy22g
  9. Signed CD’s from the US store are starting to arrive! credits from @/equallylostrecords https://ibb.co/ZX4NCpf
  10. My signed CD from Bravado just shipped. I’m scared because i’m 95% sure it will arrive without the signed card
  11. The artwork is actually the same as the standard one, sadly the only difference is the front artwork but here you have some pics
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