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  1. Why genius deleted most of sky's unreleased songs' lyrics? It was there until like a week ago
  2. Nah, I think this account started as a joke during DF release. Sky only recognized SFU as her "official" page
  3. It's been a long time since Wounded Man/In Your Hands snippet came out, le_k that already
  4. I wonder who is CatWoman, it looks like Margot Robbie, it kinda looks like Cupcakke too
  5. The illumination was really unpleasant to her But I saw a video of the event on twitter, it was about Jessica Jung but Sky was there too and she was serving face tho
  6. The funniest part is that this literally was a motivation for Musk trying to ruin Twitter But it still so iconic
  7. Yasss we gonna get another tbt with a sandy candy 2016 photo omg it was worthy
  8. A missing girl, the girlfriend of a weird dude in a weird band and a dead woman who was an amateur singer She just been playing herself
  9. I would never in my life pay for that I'm waiting for some good soul to upload it already
  10. Not Madonna scrapping that movie after making Sky shake ass and break all of her articulations in that bootcamp lol
  11. She only became a model and signed with capitol after dropping out high school
  12. I feel like she was one of that kind of girls who are not popular but not weirdos that are bullied, but I'm sure she bit lots of people during the time lol
  13. I adore Downhill Lullaby idc But it was the song that made me realize that Sky is 100% an aesthetic over substance girl, she was always like that and she will be like that forever, but that's what I like in her, at least she have good taste and a cool vision
  14. I was wondering the same lol even the length is the exact same of the previous leak
  15. You could give us more... Like Descending final
  16. Too many boys at the party that I like They aggravate my ADD I came with him but I'm leaving with someone else
  17. Sky was literally mother in Baby Driver Also, some of the weirdest 10 seconds of history of cinema, it's so funny that straight people will never get how impactful is the blurry flashy memory of that blonde dead woman in the middle of an action movie
  18. Lost in my bedroom Miracles were made with that low budget
  19. Gaga's Do What You Want lowkey sounds like a Sky song Can't explain why I think that
  20. Doechii and Ice Spice the only Capitol queens let's be honest
  21. I'm talking about the second demo, the one that leaked in 2021, with more quality
  22. My only only wish for Masochism is Sky letting Pray For Rain on the tracklist and only bringing it finished, not retouched. The version we had is already one of my favorites Sky songs... Has it gone too far? Now we're in the dark Arrow straight to my heart, now I can't feel anything And it's good from afar When you can't see scars And it's a bit too much to feel anything
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