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  1. i feel like the NFR one is really in her personal taste/ the paradise one is objectively ugly though, and i could see her thinking the BTD one is passive agressive considering its called "lana watched" and kind of appears to be a retrospective take on the record which she might have feelings about
  2. she is in her taylor swift era
  3. anyone notice the candy emoji? RCS/DNC tease or just referencing WCE? or just an emoji? lol
  5. me trying to remember who i voted for for what
  6. AYEEE Surf Noir first award of many les goooo
  7. dear LORD. this is the worst journalism i have ever seen. fucking emberassing
  8. lmfao she loves to tell people to go fuck themselves. as she should. can someone remind me of the context of this one?
  9. the way lana monopolized the fuck out of Rick and even said he was scared to ask her permission to work with other people bc she kept him on lock. and now he's just nowhere in sight. put him back to work lana PLEASE.
  10. the more stripped back version prob just doesn't have the percussion and synths, like u can kind of hear the guitar is more bare in the snippets HBO posted promoting the 3rd episode
  11. i love how retrospective BTD is. beautiful job. i enjoy the simplicity of the NFR one as well
  12. MAYBE they cut the bridge to make the song short so it would chart. could have happened....could have happened........
  13. she had better not do the "entirely one-take" vocals on this next fucking album it was a MISTAKE on BB and a MISTAKE on WCE
  14. yes, and its so sick of them not to revisit this project. someone leak Dope
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