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  1. tbh if ANYONE else put out PMIAM they would be hailed as brave and revolutionary bc its so obv satire ab past trauma but bc its her, ya she would get torn to shreds. ppl never gave her the benefit of the doubt when she wrote "provocative" lyrics which is so sad bc a lot of the things she's been criticized for sharing obviously come from a place of past suffering and pain.
  2. the way i've been fearing this review. i just know he's going to destroy her for comparing herself to Picasso and percussion clusterfuckery on BBS he said IYLDWM was "just ok" so idk. he does not historically have the most nuanced appreciation for her music i kind of think lana just told him to do something weird on WW and he was like uhh ok ill add some cruncy drums. same energy as when she told jack to really go wild with them chemtrails production and he just like added audio errors and a little subtle autotune lol
  3. after having a think on it, i really do think BB is a masterpiece. literally runs laps around some of her other records. it's unbelievable that this record came from the same mind as LFL. to me they are complete opposites with LFL representing her most mainstream, formulaic work centered around industry standards and BB representing her tearing down those restrictive industry-imposed boundaries and exposing her most raw thought and emotions. it's also so interesting how even between BB and COCC, you can hear such a difference in how her creative choices in production are loosened to mirror her authenticity and individuality. I remember her saying during the chemtrails era that she wanted Jack to really let go on the production end and ultimately "wanted more." On BB we see her finally being able to let go of convention and it's immaculate. revolutionary.
  4. do we think dealer is going to crack top 5 on Billboard 200?
  5. don't tell me to be glad when i'm sad i really hate that
  6. it feels like memes like this are from the same era as this thread
  7. intrigued by your choice of username given this opinion. do you have low self esteem? (btw i agree it's fuck lfl)
  8. istg if you lie down with me MV is going to be Cherry MV 2.0 leak PWYC MV
  9. it's so interesting to me that lana said her favourite song is arcadia bc of the vocals. i wonder if we'll be getting more of her belting in the future?
  10. everywhere I look ppl are laughing at BB sales failing to understand the importance of physicals lol. like we knew it wasn't going to be Billboard #1, and lana doesn't give a flying shit so why do her fans even. idk
  11. how sweet! i am loving her positive energy these last couple days (ie. insta live wholesomeness, kind comments on barries insta, etc.) It seems like she is in a more peaceful place having gotten this album out there for some catharsis. Maybe being off her public socials is adding to her contentment too. at least i hope so!
  12. what did you guys think about her saying she wants to do an album trailer that led into the music videos? do we think that was something she wanted to do for BB and didn't or an idea for LDR9? OH ALSO she said her cover album is "still in existence" but she hadn't solidified any ideas. SO, do we think that means the second record her managers were hinting at is ANOTHER record like, maybe RCS? (it seems impossible but who knows)
  13. i rewatched the livestream while getting reading this morning and i feel like I know her so much better. what a special gift!!
  14. honestly i have trust issues after cherry MV lies, im keeping my expectation that we will have no more vids
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