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  1. omg Marinara i love the cocktails you served us at Lipsters Awards. I hope ppl tipped you enough to record new album
  2. is Brooklyn trending on TikTok/Twitter or something? Anyways, I'm not complaining, ppl got taste
  3. this is how I imagine each of three albums BTD Paradise NFR
  4. I already have tbf, there're far worse yet more successful writers out there... Knowing that Marina had to contact producers herself and to pay for Froot MV must be so humiliating.
  5. I blame Atlantic Records for Marina's dying career. They should have spent more effort and money on her.
  6. First song in and I can already hear Marina making some woke tumblr/twitter esque statements about America (because c'mon it's not like she's welsh and can freely leave the country).
  7. i could totally see her doing something retro. '80s style is overused, but '90s is still waiting to make a comback.
  8. Rue is digging herself into a hole and I'm all here for it (because I'm tired of how she treats her family and her friends): I hope her family stops trying.... It's time they realize that they've given her all the support she could ask for and that she's too far gone... She's a shit friend to Lexi aka her BEST FRIEND. Have they even interacted in season 2 yet (not counting the flashback)? That whole Rue-Jules-Elliot triangle is a whole another story. None of them are good for each other. Rue's lies will catch up with her eventually. Finally, I'm 100 percent sure that the suitcase storyline will end up sadly for someone. Will it be Fez or Ash? I'm sure Rue won't be trafficked, but someone will have to pay for it. Maybe this will be a wake up call to Fez that Rue is too much of a liability for his business. EDIT: Ali thing made me tear up a bit. She was so wrong for using Ali's history against him...
  9. Concept idea: instead of Lana x Nikki album, they should also include Miles Kane. Since Lana already recorded an album worth of songs with TLSP, having a mix between country and whatever Dealer is would be amazing!
  10. one political song per album? OK 90% of the album being political? or maybe not so over the top lyrics and name dropping.
  11. OK, sorry for nikki lane slander this is actually so good. I like the melody and the meaning behind the song. I still hope LDR9 isn't nikki collab...
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