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  1. Lana was going to recycle all plastic in her house on the day she wrote fingertips
  2. I just feel Ajay is going to come through with her reaction anytime now 🎀👩🏿‍🦱🎀
  3. Just because this sounded good in your head doesn't mean you should have typed this out. You have one minute to delete it
  4. Anyways, music is made to enjoy. Not everyone is going to like this album but that doesn't mean that their opinion is less valid. Because we're stans, we will always love what Lana releases. However, when reviewers take the lyrics out of context or can't comprehend the meaning of the song, this is when I can't justify their opinion.
  5. It's quite sad. I've watched a few reaction videos and all of them seemed to only enjoy the ending tracks. I think the singles deceived general population
  6. Now wtf happened to "Rosemead exclusive baby" sound and why did Lana's team decided to remove these off each song i prefer leaked unmastered versions
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