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  1. Whatever happened to the girl I knew? In the wasteland, cumshot and end up on the news
  2. Yesterday, precisely at 16:57 When was the last time you went outside and touched the grass?
  3. 500,000+ and you get to hang out with lana but only for 5 mins
  4. My housemate was supposed to travel to Odessa this past weekend and marry his Ukrainian girlfriend so that she could move to UK with him. The energy in the house is shit, I can't imagine how horrible he must feel... and poor girl, all by herself in Odessa, no family and all of her friends have left... she was too afraid to travel by herself and she wont risk doing it now. My grandma cried for Ukrainian people. She was born during the second world war and understands very well what it feels like to be occupied. My heart goes out to all people in Ukraine.
  5. right, can someone update me on everything that i've missed in the past two weeks? I didn't really have time to keep up with LB and I'm too lazy to read through this thread....
  6. watch ben drop lana and instead start working with daddy grant
  7. I love his reaction but I wish he'd read the lyrics while listening to songs or just stop talking while listening. He tends to misunderstand the meaning and it's bothering me...
  8. You have known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football.
  9. didn't know she speaks greek
  10. jesus.... america really said ''let's make this the land of fast food'' how many fast food chains y'all have?
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