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  1. i'm not on insta rn but if it features random people who aren't repeating it's called attention gaining for likes and following.
  2. followed fast in case if it went private
  3. no. LDR10 is psychedelic experimental electronic lo-fi album mixed with trip hop, shoegaze, alternative rock, hip hop and dark demonic ambient with dreamy cinematic vibes and touch of psychedelic country and punk rock. very angry and explicit record full of grief, regards, crying and being pissed at the same time. only 2-3 tracks being calmer
  4. this. only Lana consider Violet as album when it's literally audiobook without singing.
  5. if she's actually releasing that we can say Taylor influenced her and we could expect unreleased collection and LDR10 being country album as well maybe it's higher level of delulu but we can always dream
  6. she really likes allowing others to shine. good i wasn't really waiting for this track cause three solo lines...girl i had the same impressions!
  7. "cohensive" vision of the album. like every single song in project is in similiar genre and theme. Lana said that she has lack of vision of DYKTTATUOB and kinda struggling with inspirations. album doesn't need be cohensive to be cohensive. we could have have 15 songs, every single one in different vibe and still be consistent.
  8. -doctor, what happened to my daughter? *nothing. LDR just announced her new studio album manifesting this scenario after Grammys
  9. she's inspired by her dreams and what stars are aligning. her Midnights is coming
  10. she should attend the red carpet with The Grants. father. brother. sister.
  11. i really wish her to win something. it's about damn time
  12. i just saw this post and omg can't wait to use new emojis
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