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  1. i had this as my pfp for almost two years lol but at least this photo looks like something Lana could take especially in NFR era
  2. let's bring mix of strings and electric guitars
  3. both stunning mothers on the one photo. this was made for future school books
  4. she annouced that she was recording covers for seven years and she wants to release that. but we know how it's gonna end + she wants to going into "americana" for next project
  5. it would be nice to get Tropico 2.0 especially she wore faux bob recently which is one of hairstyles she was visible regular in 2012/13
  6. album is gonna be amazing. she's serving great looks since mid 2022
  7. manifesting mix of 90s diy dream pop, country rock, grunge folk, blues folk rock with strong spirtual psychedelia and cinematic feeling
  8. i'm in team #Slut! it serves supreme
  10. what when we all are expecting piano ballads and album didn't have any single one
  11. i'm not real person. you're writting with robot and pictures my face i'm posting are AI generated twink
  12. i really like this album. clicked faster than SOUR
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