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  1. Arcadia as the album title lol? How about “Big Guns And My Red Corvette”? Make all of the girls seethe, Lana.
  2. Unrelated, but Wild One reminds me of Thunder thematically, so I’m wondering if it or something similar to it will also make the cut.
  3. Me upon seeing the snippet of the new “soon” to be released song from Lana on Instagram: I’m less disappointed about the album being delayed now. At least she acknowledged it. I thought she was going to play it off like “July 4? Who told y’all you were getting an album today? Not I, sir/ma’am. Better luck next time!”
  4. *Manifesting My Song 57 and There’s Nothing To Be Sorry About being on the album and dropping midnight on 4th of July* -#TeamDeluluForeverNoMatterWhat
  5. If Thunder and Cherry Blossom make the album, I’m hoping Roses Bloom For You gets released as well. The song has a different aesthetic from the other two but I want it released SO BAD.
  6. Blue Banisters is my favorite of the three, but it’s totally different than how I imagined it was going to be. I guess she’s moving into more folk/country style music, at least for this album.
  7. I love Tulsa Jesus Freak. The “white hot forever” part is so sexy.
  8. Just listened to Roses Bloom For You per mentions in this thread and omg I literally NEED her to release this in Blue Banisters. It’s such a gorgeous melody. She has so many great unreleased songs, it’s actually painful. How did I miss this gem???
  9. I would say Summertime Sadness, Is This Happiness, This Is What Makes Us Girls, and Cinnamon Girl. This Is What Makes Us Girls pretty much accurately describes all of my friendships, or I should say past friendships, since they all fizzled out or ended horribly with a lot of drama over guys that I now wouldn’t be able to pick out in a line up if you asked me to.
  10. I love “Milk”, “Waverly”, “Pool”, “Ode to Artifice”, and “ Is There Something In The Movies”, Per her Instagram posts, she’s working on something, but I’m not sure what.
  11. That Blue Banisters snippet on her Instagram is everything. It gives sultry, old country glamour mixed with the blues. NFR and COTCC were more “preppy/light hearted” in vibes for lack of a better description, but this snippet is giving me dark, moody, sad vibes Swan Song/The Blackest Day style. I’m excited to say the least.
  12. Summertime Sadness was my first taste of Lana and Radio was what got me hooked permanently. Radio was my anthem all of senior year of high school. It made me fall in love with Lana permanently. I loved her voice, the lyrics, and her overall aesthetic. There was no one else with a similar style so she stood out from every other artist I had formerly loved.
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