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  1. less


    Reading on the internet that she gave birth of a boy on May 13, CONGRATULATIONS omg
  2. less


    I was personally thinking about the 11th so R9months released next week CONFIRMED
  3. less


    So so so where is the baby is it already born ? If not what day do we think it will be ? 👶 🍼 🥰
  4. Was listening to this one while shampooing
  5. less


    Don’t you’all understand that she’s been retired from music for 6 years ??? R9 never existed
  6. less


    Omggg I love her she’s always been my favorite CONGRATULATIONS
  7. less

    Book Thread!

    Hello Lanaboards I’m bringing this thread back to life I finally finished le Rouge et le Noir yesterday and omg it took me 19 days to read my first book of 2022 won’t reach 50 books this year at this pace. I didn’t even like it that much Anyway I am now reading australian book Tim by Colleen McCullough : a successful 40-something years old woman who finds love for the first time with her simple-minded gardener (sounds like desperate housewives to me). I find it pretty interesting so far as this such an unlikely pair … ??? It does spark my curiosity Have you ever read australian literature ? It is not talked much about. And what are you reading at the moment ?
  8. less

    The Weeknd

    I want to thank everybody here you’all made me listened to dawn FM I would have never without you, and it’s a realy great album, I wanna buy it
  9. Lemon cakes. I always tried them to make sure they still tasted disgusting Also on a side note for the past decade, about every 2 years I listened to new LDR songs to see if I could finally understand the hype around her music, but always failed miserably……. until white dress Now I love our Queen, Angel and Savior as everybody should don’t report me for worse bad taste please I have changed I SWEAR
  10. I don’t know how you all are stil expecting to ever receive your signed cards when to me it seems that she didn’t sign enough of them and that’s it - game over But also I haven’t asked for a refund yet so I am with you somehow #delulu
  11. Here's to a new turn around the sun, happy new year everybody !
  12. Right, has anyone ever received a card from bravado? Or from the french store? Not me that's for sure.
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