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  1. I am reading a book called The Time Regulation Institute ; this thing is 450 pages long. I am at page 280 and dude is finally talking about what we are here for, after being irrelevant for so long. It' kinda like I decided to write a book about my job - home help for old people - but first i wrote about my father, then my two first years of studies aka the two best years of my life, then an analysis of all the house moves I have done in this life, then I talked about that one friend, to finally come about the job in question lmaooo why writing things that have nothing to do with anything ??? The style is immaculate tho Other than that I have read Gatsby this year and wow I recommend. The anxiety this character is feeling. Awesome to read
  2. EXACTLY first I didn’t know what banisters meant but then have you seen what it means ??? Lana r u ok this is no album title material / probably nikki lane who told her to name it that way
  3. I started reading The Grapes of Wrath and the beginning is happening in Oklahoma ... - now if you've watched Interstellar they talk about the dust coming inside the house and sticking to every surface, on the food, in your eyes and your lungs - I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS REAL but the book mentions it too The United States is a crazy country for real.
  4. Evanescence said Lana Del Rey is in all her playlists, has a gorgeous voice etc. at 5:47
  5. Shades of Cool just played at the garden center which is one more proof that the album is coming out September 1st if anyone is still in doubt
  6. Omg you need to make a video to explain to me everything about Umberto Eco so I can finish my reading in good conditions then we can marry and read his books ever after. It is my first Umberto Eco book and I am happy to know now what it is about, as I have met people who told me it was a masterpiece. It also has a lot of good ratings on goodreads, so it seems like people still enjoy it
  7. (Ok I KNOW I should be doing my plant post but it is too much work, maybe another day ) I have been reading Umberto Eco's the Name Of the Rose for a while now. It is (supposed to be) a mystery novel happening in the 14th century in an abbey, but it is actually super laborious, the 600 pages are filled with talks about all the different branches of Christianity, heresy and debates to know if Jesus was against private property or not my 2 brain cells can't bear with it What a library the man had though
  8. omg this is the best LDR song I have ever heard thank you for making me discover it !!!
  9. less


    Reading on the internet that she gave birth of a boy on May 13, CONGRATULATIONS omg
  10. less


    I was personally thinking about the 11th so R9months released next week CONFIRMED
  11. less


    So so so where is the baby is it already born ? If not what day do we think it will be ? 👶 🍼 🥰
  12. Was listening to this one while shampooing
  13. less


    Don’t you’all understand that she’s been retired from music for 6 years ??? R9 never existed
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