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  1. You know what besties ? Unsigned tractor poster has been shipped. I ordered from UK store (I heard the US store sells it too? Dunno). There is no tracking number though, which annoys me as the delivery adress for my order is my farmer friend’s adress who can’t believe that lana is now a farmer too Now he will have to pay the taxes for the delivery which I believe should be less than 3€ in France though
  2. Oh no this is a crisis. I #prayForEurope
  3. No I ordered it from bravado and it shipped yesterday but I live in France so I will receive it in a week I believe. I had a feeling we would receive the cd without the card …
  4. Thank you lanaboards elders I just listened to a demo and its SO different and nice. I’m only a newborn in the Lana world I have so much to learn it's almost scary
  5. But whats wrong with Lust for Life ?? I love it
  6. Lmao this shit took a whole minute to load only to show NOTHING. Wonder what’s wrong with this website
  7. Just the CD with the signed card. I imagine though that they are sending only the CD at the moment and the card later, they are just not saying it What is this story of cards signed with a red pen though ?? OH OK it’s the illustration for the signed cards on the shops. RATHER UNDERWHELMING
  8. Listening to the lust for life album for the first time wish me luck Omgggg the beginning of 13 beaches
  9. WHOEVER YOU ARE THANK YOU I'll keep you in my prayers
  10. Are we sure she is still gonna release Map of L.A. now she’s broken up with Clay??
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