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  1. I'm at the gym right now and a butterfly just joined as I almost died at the chest press! THAT'S A SIGN GUYS!!!!!!
  2. I Talk To Jesus Hollywood JFK Yes To Heaven Fine China Thunder I would love that ...
  3. OMFG I just dreamed of Lana's new album 😁 it was biker chick themed and she released a new rock'ish version of Blue Banister with other lyrics. The album looked like LFL in a way but the songs all had a "Ride" - feeling.
  4. Oh Jesus ... at the moment im checking lanaboards about 4 times a day and pray for some news ... I really can't wait for the tracklist. I personally love the album cover ... its simple, it has style and it gives me a vibe I really love.
  5. I pray for an October / November release date 🙏🏻 ... maybe this could cure my early winter / late autumn depression. and I would have something to look forward to after my wedding
  6. Oh my god, I start to get fucking crazy. ... currently im checking this thread like 20 times a day and pray for some news, like the tracklist. ... and on top, I just dreamed about Lana last night. We were at a party or something ... and I just thought (Omg Tim, don't act like a crazy fan .. don't ask for the new album). At least we end up talking about so many deep things and even changed numbers. ... I am literally sooooooooo excited for every little news to come
  7. Merci Im pretty sure we gonna love the final album. And nobody knows what could be the reason for the possible delay ... probably she likes to tell her story in a different way and found a different way to express the feelings or something. Recorded a songs that fits better into the album ...
  8. Im a little shocked that some of you guys are so rude ... At the end, Lana is an authentic artist ... of course she gives everything that at least the album is as perfect as possible .. that the story is told as best as possible. She should take her time ... in a few years she should still be proud of what she has done. I wish my English would be a bit better so could express more what I am meaning ...
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