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  1. i'm not sure how text book will work as an opener but it's an absolutely wonderful song, the very personal lyrics, the little details in the production, the haunting outro. listened to it a lot on repeat yesterday cause it was one of those nights and it hasn't aged one bit for me, except for the fact sometimes it's kinda too painful bc some of the lyrics hit too close to home. i feel like this album is gonna be a retrospective not only for lana but also for me
  2. 1. i talk to jesus 2. angels forever 3. life is beautiful 4. driving in cars with boys 5. serial killer 6. because of you 7. every man gets his wish 8. fine china 9. yes to heaven 10. hollywood's dead 11. your girl 12. making out 13. meet me in the pale moonlight 14. tv in black & white 15. wild one 16. she's not me in no particular order
  3. a little late for me but hell i'm in the best way to make this wait for bb a bit more bearable!
  4. i just don’t understand what in the hell boz was listening to when he said there’s only piano in arcadia. the horns sound amazing, reminiscent of honeymoon the album in a way (a bit like TB!) and surprisingly it fades so well into the interlude, and that definitely wasn’t what i expected from it - it’s so much better the last verse, the peace signs and middle fingers, what an elegant way to say a massive fuck you to everyone who hurt her. i’m not even sure why the western bound, plus the hate that they gave, by the way thanks for that, on the way i’ll pray for ya brings me to tears. i’m so proud of her. she’s still standing (straight like an angel) while they just fade away
  5. HAPPY NEW THREAD ARCADIA IS PURE HEAVEN the production the instrumentals......... i'm in love
  6. and all those vinyl variants are so beautiful. kinda hate the fact i might actually have to even the standard cover looks so beautiful it might be my favorite of hers, and all those songs are really worth hearing them on vinyl
  7. god this is like the first time ever i don't really want to listen to a leaked song until the album comes out maybe after arcadia..... too much going on
  8. going to sleep, hope to wake up to full tracklist and new covers! have fun besties, it was an amazing day, gonna go down in history
  9. not the fine china & wild on you slander. not on my watch
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