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  1. This is exactly what I thought when I saw his stories! I kinda love these spooky ambient sounds. Kinda perfect for LDR9's icy oceanic spacey feel.
  2. I mean, I love Weyes, but I hope that's not the case.
  3. Even random pics of her cats would do at this point...Post something, miss Lana!
  4. Can't wait for Nikki Lane's post with Lana in the studio tonight xx
  5. Electric guitars! Love those pink socks, lol!
  6. 12 tracks. No unreleased/leaked material. 2 tracks over 10 minutes long (track 6 and track 12). Opening track is 8 minutes long. One interlude (track 7, produced by Antonoff) with a distorted suburbia-gone-wrong soundscape à la LA Who Am I to Love You as the album changes from East Coast jazzy richness to ambient spacey contemplation. Last two tracks are produced by Antonoff, track 13 is the automatic singing track they recorded in April, while track 14 (final track) is Venice Bitch's old wise sister. The rest of the tracks are produced by Rick Nowels, Jon Batiste, Drew Erickson, Father John Misty, and Jonathan White. No tracks under 5 minutes. The first half is all about New York, while the second half is about San Francisco and LA. Will be dropped digitally on the last day of the Grammy deadline to troll her competition, as she gets a 10.0 score from Pitchfork. The album will be submitted - and accepted - in the Jazz category. Lana will win AOTY and Best Jazz Vocal Album. Lana cites Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and John Coltrane as her biggest inspirations. Lead single is track 3 (MV shot in NY). Second single's MV is shot in California (San Francisco).
  7. + swimming in Mississippi + visiting Jack's incarcerated pals at that Chicago prison
  8. He looks thinner and older than Gabe, I think. I dunno, the guy is serving Donald Sutherland in Don't Look Now realness. The film was shot in Venice, Italy. Another Italy/Honeymoon reference. Her Venice-inspired jazz orchestral automatic singing kung-fu masterpiece is coming.
  9. There are so many people in the studio with her btw. And I cannot recognize any of them. The guy with the Saruman robe isn't Gabe Simon...Would Lana hire all these people just for one track? A thorough investigation is imminent!
  10. She's been practicing for that inevitable and hotly-anticipated Azealia Banks smackdown. Her Tekken era really.
  11. It's...a muffled 8-second snippet, lol. The material is just not there for us to jump into any sort of conclusions about the mood, progressions, style, vocals, overall sound and lyrical content of that specific song, not to mention the entire album. I'm just happy that she seems excited about the record and her collaboration with Batiste.
  12. Jon Batiste is such an inspired choice for a collaboration. I wonder if he's a feat. or a producer (or both). I wonder if she's really going to drop the album digitally...perhaps Interscope will let her do it given that her streams have been so impressive during all these months? As a carte blanche and a bit of an experiment? Even if we don't get the album next month, we're definitely getting the lead single. It all adds up! Anyway, ten days, ladies! *delulumode*
  13. I love this as the title of the 15-minute closing track of the album that Pitchfork hails as the best song of the century.
  14. Is it me or does Ben sound genuinely excited about the album? His posts - and spamming under Lana's IG posts, lol - back in May + his recent post about the album being nearly completed + his reply to Lana yesterday and the interaction with fans...I don't know. I know she's his client, but his enthusiasm feels quite genuine this time round. Anyway, hoodies + DNC jacket + Donoghue + tits out + automatic singing + orchestra + waves + IDGAF attitude + spending time with family + Rob sneaking into the studio + Antonoff and 808s = ??? Whatever LDR9 ends up sounding like, it's going to be a ride.
  15. When we realize that Nikki Lane has replaced the Oompa Loompas and sings her country songs each time some of us get eliminated...
  16. Yeah, unless Interscope lets her drop it digitally - they won't -, we're not getting the album this year given that she's still working on it. Sure, it might be completed in a few days/weeks, but I don't really trust Ben. It'll probably be finished sometime in the next couple of months. But we could get the lead single sometime between September and December, I guess. LMLYLAW and BB/TB/WFWF were all released 5 months prior to COCC and BB's release dates respectively, so if we get the lead in September, we might get the album in February. An Aquarius/Pisces album would be quite something...moody, fragile, and temperamental.
  17. from your clit to Lana's ears.
  18. So here's what we've got: 1. Rob going to London to record something + a post from Antonoff's studio in the middle of the summer + yesterday's post in another studio (neither Erickson nor Antonoff's....just saying!). I never believed that he's recording his alleged piano album, lol, so this could be a confirmation of Ben's post: Lana is still recording the new album. 2. Ben said that a new album is "in the works" back in spring, and a couple of weeks later he mentioned that the album is "coming soon". We assumed that the album might be finished, but she probably had (her first?) serious/lengthy sessions with Antonoff, Erickson - and other producers perhaps? - during those last few months and recorded a lot of songs. So the album officially started taking shape. 3. Neil posting about a secret photoshoot a few months ago + this new mysterious post with the gorgeous waves and the "stars" emoji...gurl, this ain't my first time at the Rodeo. He's been cooking something with her. And now Lana's hair stylist liking his post....well, see you in September, hunty. Can't wait for the life-changing automatic singing masterpiece, ranging from rich jazzy orchestral soundscapes and Patsy Cline-esque country gems to icy barren avant-garde experimentations and haunting, slutty and sexually fluid Donoghue-inspired bops.
  19. Ben's comment; Neil's post; the hair stylist liking the post; these mustn't be random ass coincidences... Anyway, I'm moving, lol.
  20. She’s giving “I may be drowning in these filthy ass waters, but there’s still some time for contemplation lol” energy, which kinda seems to encapsulate the supposed conversational/experimental LDR9 vibes in a way. Meta queen (and batshit crazy too).
  21. At this point I don't think we're getting an album this year. And, to be honest, I don't mind it at all. If anything, the trip to Italy, Rhode Island etc. might have inspired her even more. I would gladly wait until next summer as long as she intends to release her trippiest, cuntiest and most sophisticated album to date.
  22. You gave me a heart attack with this random thread bump.
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