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  1. Hopefully Lana will feed us something now out of pity given our collective frustration with this whatsitsname magazine. @Kintsugi it's the perfect time for a glorious comeback, don't you think?
  2. Can't wait for the official announcements in the upcoming weeks: - tour/festivals - interviews with Mojo, Pitchfork and Interview Magazine - box set, merch - album trailer - MV of the lead single - live performances at Corden, Colbert and SNL - second single on release day along with a MV + radio impact - going around LA with a taco truck for promotion
  3. At this point I'll even accept a DYKTTATUOB MV with Chuck filming Lana's pets while they're sleeping.
  4. As much as I love Yosemite, the lyrics of Kintsugi that have already been teased completely blow it out of the water.
  5. 1. The Grants 2. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd 3. Sweet 4. A&W 5. Judah Smith Interlude 6. Candy Necklace - ft. Jon Batiste 7. Jon Batiste Interlude 8. Kintsugi 9. Fingertips 10. Paris, Texas - ft. SYML 11. Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep-sea fishing - ft. RIOPY 12. Let The Light In - ft. Father John Misty 13. Margaret - ft. Bleachers 14. Fishtail 15. Peppers - ft. Tommy Genesis 16. Taco Truck x VB
  6. Yeah, Eden makes a lot of sense! I also really like Bump. It's so seductive and hypnotic.
  7. I am listening to Tommy's World Vision and the only tracks that kinda make sense as potential samples are Hair Like Water Wavy Like the Sea (I absolutely love this one!) and Eden (its strange beat is so addictive!). Shepherd would be a great pick, too, but the former two feel closer to what I'm expecting from Peppers sonically. I can't find the writing credits for the tracks though (we only have production credits, and Eden and Hate Demon are the only tracks that were produced by Tommy herself. We don't have the production credits of Peppers though, so it could be any of these tracks, I suppose, as long as Tommy is the only one who has writing credits).
  8. Seeing the sea and the liquid blue? Elegant and classy? Oh, this sounds major.
  9. This is a very cool idea! I'm going to divide the tracklist into smaller sections, because I suspect that there must be some thematic and sonic cohesiveness. The Grants: An orchestral and lush introduction to the album. Probably a very wordy track. I have a good feeling about this one! The strings will directly lead us to Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. Honeymoon (title track) vibes. Sweet: confirmed to feature "beautiful strings". This one sounds like a potentially soft love song: simple and soothing. It might get lost in the shuffle, but I think that it will be a very pleasing track. Love song vibes. - - - A&W: The sound of the album will change dramatically here, as we are introduced to a supposedly "angry acoustic guitar ballad". I'm expecting a very layered development, given that insiders have told us that it's a "wild", "unprecedented" and "adventurous" track. It somehow ends with an intense trap beat, so this one should be one of the most memorable tracks. I think that it's kinda connected to the last three (supposedly "vibey") tracks, but I like the fact that it's placed so high on the tracklist. It must be quite important, and I assume that it must be quite wordy, too. Venice Bitch x Cruel World x Black Bathing Suit x God Knows I Tried vibes. Judah Smith Interlude: Placing a pastor's sermon right after three explicit tracks and especially right after "American Whore" is obviously intentional, and the alleged "eerie" and "unsettling" background music should be quite intriguing, too. This will keep us A&W's weirdness/experimentation, but might also be thematically linked. Bare Feet on Linoleum vibes. - - - Candy Necklace: I'm expecting a dreamy yet slightly eerie jazzy ballad. Swan Song x Blue Banisters vibes. Jon Batiste Interlude: Allegedly this has amazing instrumentation, including bass and potentially electric guitars, so colour me surprised! I suppose that they must have improvised this one, so we'll probably get something very random and creative. Black Bathing Suit x The Other Woman vibes? Lol, no idea. - - - Kintsugi: Things slow down here. This will be the minimalist track of the album. Sparse, wordy, deeply affecting and personal. hope is a dangerous thing x White Dress x Yosemite vibes. Fingertips: This track is a continuation of the wordiness/automatic writing style of Kintsugi, but it's orchestral and even wordier. Wildflower Wildfire (but with strings!) vibes. Paris, Texas: a simpler, more melodic and accessible track, featuring that lovely SYML sample. I think that it'll be breezy and vibey, but its lyrics will be as confrontational and confessional as Fingertips and Kintsugi's. Norman fucking Rockwell x Happiness is a butterfly vibes. Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep-sea fishing: Piano-based, but with a rich progression. Yet another (very) wordy and poetic track. Mariners Apartment Complex (replace the electric guitar with strings!) vibes. - - - Let the Light In: Probably the jazziest track on the album. I'm expecting something very warm and earthy. Buddy's Rendezvous x If You Lie Down With Me vibes, obviously! Margaret: I'm expecting something chill and synth-heavy. Secret Life vibes. - - - Fishtail: This one should have lots of synths and ambient piano. The vibey track of the album. Cinnamon Girl x Tulsa Jesus Freak vibes. Peppers: Probably a strange/experimental track with trap beats and electronica. Sultry and grounded. A weird version of Cherry in a way. Taco Truck x VB: Very playful and fun track that slowly turns into something psychedelic and intense (hence the VB sample, probably something from that song's last 4 minutes). Probably a hint at LDR10's sonic direction. It's interesting that this album probably ends with more upbeat tracks. Usually Lana puts very quiet/contemplative ones at the very end of her album's tracklists, but it seems that these ones are mostly placed in the middle part of the album. Obviously Venice Bitch vibes. It's very difficult to decipher how this album is going to sound in general. But I think that we're going to get something very special. Insiders keep mentioning that we should listen to the record with an open mind, and that it's sonically unexpected and adventurous. Not to mention that the lyrics that Kintsugi teased + the opening lyrics of Fingertips + the lyrics of the title track indicate that the album might have the strongest writing of her career.
  10. If I remember correctly, an ATRL member posted this in an attempt to guess BOZ's ranking, not BOZ himself. That user had originally put A&W at #01 and Kintsugi at #16, but BOZ said that Margaret is his least favourite, and Grandfather has become his absolute favourite track, without commenting on the rest of the ranking order.
  11. Spill! I remember them saying that Dealer was very monotonous/flat, which I thought was kinda the point? It's far from my favourite track on Blue Banisters, but it has this repetitive/never-ending hypnotic sound that makes you feel like you're stuck in a creepy Lynchian bar. And didn't Kintsugi say that he was disappointed by the fact that White Dress, despite being great overall, had the potential to be even better? Kintsugi is coming for our scalps.
  12. Both of them dislike Dealer! And I remember BOZ hating White Dress, as well. They also disliked Yosemite, if I remember correctly. Lol, White Dress and Yosemite are my favourite COCC tracks btw.
  13. Yeah, Kintsugi hates the interludes, lol! I wonder which track, besides these two, is his least favourite...He did say that tracks 8-16 is the best sequence, so I guess it must be one of the earlier tracks. I'm going to say Sweet or Cunty Necklace. It's quite interesting that Kintsugi said that Lana sings her heart out in Kintsugi and it has some of her best melodies. He also said that it's the best song ever, so this kind of intensely passionate reaction to it is quite telling about its quality. On the other hand, BOZ said that Lana barely opens her lips, so I don't know what to make of this. I'm living for this level of thought-provoking divisiveness, though. Anyway, the lyrics that Kintsugi teased yesterday are some of her greatest to date, honestly. But I'm really curious about Fingertips' supposedly groundbreaking lyrics based on BOZ's post.
  14. Neither did Mariners Apartment Complex though. I think that Ocean Blvd will be her second most acclaimed album to date with a Metacritic score around 82-85. It sounds a bit too adventurous and personal and won't cater to the masses, while NFR had a more "pleasant"/"accessible" sound overall. Anyway, I missed the tea yesterday. Kintsugi sounds like a potential career highlight. The lyrics are extraordinary.
  15. So it's A&W and not AW (phew!), and Fingertips is on Side C. @Fingertips Lol at them crediting every single feature except for poor AK on Fishtail. And apparently none of the features will be credited on the streaming services according to BOZ, lmao. #iamsorandom
  16. Who is the Tarot Cards reading legend who posted descriptions of all tracks a month ago? It'll be pretty funny if they turn out to be accurate given all the latest info.
  17. Kintsugi is giving Japanese minimalism, so the bare piano makes sense. The whispering/"barely opens her lips" thing brings the first chorus of Blue Banisters to mind. And it's slower than Change. It sounds like a very idiosyncratic track, actually. Anyway, @Kintsugi picked that one for their username and said that it's the best song ever, so I'm hoping for the best. Peppers, GPSOTSOMFWHDSF and Let the Light In are the real head-scratchers though. I don't know what to expect from these songs sonically. I assume that Let the Light In must be orchestral/jazzy, and Peppers must be vibey like Fishtail and Taco Truck. But you never know with Lana, lol. I have no idea about the Grandfather track at all.
  18. @Kintsugi said that the samples aren't as obvious as we might think. So she's probably reworked them a lot and/or their presence on the tracks is subtle.
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