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  1. https://x.com/abierkhatib/status/1730216794902663244?s=46 members of her own family admit she was killed by relatives. Family Honor killings are not rare unfortunately, including two queer teenage Palestinian girls just this past year, who were killed for not fitting the culture. But go on spread fake news, you’re the one in a bubble as everyone just nod and cheer for your posts
  2. Then you must be blind. You talk about evil and mockery, just watch the videos from Gaza and the Gaza Envelope from last month. Decapitating civilians, filming and live streaming it - even not Jews (as if that were okay), innocent Thai and Philippino workers that lived there to work the fields. Parading bodies of mutiliated women on the back of truck in the streets of Gaza, for “innocent” people to spit on and cheer for. taking a baby, A LITERAL BABY as a hostage.. who would’ve thought this is where we would come to? so save your preachings This women was murdered by her own family under “family honor”. It literally says so in your source - two of her relatives were arrested for this crime.
  3. 3 civilians murdered this morning in Jerusalem by Hamas shooters. 24 and 64 yo women and a 73 yo ultra orthodox man. They terrorists lived in the West Bank where Hamas won the elections in the universities just this past year. https://x.com/ajenews/status/1730199259570733400?s=46
  4. Oh well maybe I took your post the wrong way, sorry for misunderstanding I Feel like Shani Louk was the face of the first days of the war, her story is so sad. How her dead body was paraded in the streets of Gaza after being raped to the point her legs broke. Horrible
  5. The reason Israeli authorities considered Emily dead, is the body they found in her home fitting her body size. How could they mix up to different girls you ask and I would too - but the answer is terrifying. it took a MONTH to identify the body because how badly it was corrupted. Butchered, and then burned to coal. IT TOOK A MONTH TO IDENTIFY THE BODY. Also if you want to play the “who to trust” game, Islamic Jihad claimed Hanna Katzir, a 76 yo woman, died (wonder how) in captivity - but a week later she was released through the deal. Cruel lying psychological terrorists.
  6. No evidence? I mean you just need to watch the footage HAMAS THEMSELVES took on Oct 7th. kfir bibas, months old baby, was taken to captivity underground with his mom and toddler brother. This photo was taken by a Hamas terrorist on October seventh, approximately at 10am. https://x.com/ynetalerts/status/1729196754682409136?s=46 Look at them, look at the bloody shirt of the Palestinian man on their side. Just imagine the horrors they witnessed. No evidence you say while the perpetrators of this terror attack filmed it all themselves and uploaded online (for example, taking the phone of an elderly woman and live streaming her cruel murder on Facebook for her family and the whole world to see) if you don’t take “my word” on it, trust them with this as you do with the rest. They’re not ashamed of this, they have proudly documented it all for us to witness.
  7. This situation on the region didn’t start last month. But HOWEVER you put this, the actions that were committed just can not be justified. How on EARTH does kidnapping children, after murdering their entire family, can bring “peace” or “wellbeing” or “freeing” anything? these dark dark actions are the catalyst to this war. The conflict will not go away anytime soon and that’s another discussion. But eliminating Hamas, the terror organization that carried out this appalling attack, is the main priority right now. For Israelis and Palestinians alike. Do you think an organization like this can bring prosperity to the people it claims to represent? After stealing their resources to build an army-like collection of murderous people and weapons? but I guess my post was just not meant for people like you.
  8. Been avoiding this thread since oct 8. Honestly, seeing the compassion towards Hamas is terrifying. I feel for the Palestinian people. I wish for peace, I really do. There were missteps along the way from both sides, but as the latest events unfold i just can’t understand how some people can, on behalf of truly innocent and oppressed communities - support a terror organization and nightmarish terror attacks on civilians. Saying captives were enjoying their time in the strip. Remind you, these children that were freed the last days (by a ceasefire deal which I support) - these children SAW THEIR PARENTS MURDERED INFRONT OF THEIR EYES. Abigail Idan, celebrated her 4th birthday in captivity, came back home last night only to find out both her parents were murdered and burned. Airstrikes are not fair nor accurate. War is never fair or accurate. But Oct 7th was very accurate. The terrorists knew the communities and towns they went into. They planned beforehand how to rape them, behead them and burned them. They went into homes, one by one, burned them on the families they couldn’t kill right away. Hell, they filmed it all on tape themselves! They were proud of it! oct 7th was not resistance. it was a deliberate attack on innocent families, elderly, holocaust survivors, 3-month-old babies. THESE are the people Hamas abducted. How can ANYONE with a functioning soul defend this to the slightest?? the “march of return” was not resistance. It was a terror campaign, burning tires on the border to suffocate civilians living nearby, firing rockets at population centers and sending flying explosives to burn fields, homes, schools and nature reserves. This post came out to be longer than I thought and I barely have any hope that the consequences will be any other than non-beneficial name-calling and automatic earplugging. I fear that as a society we lost the ability to actually hear out other perspectives. my message is just don’t be one sided. War is never fair and it applies to both sides, especially the side who deliberately stared it on October 7th knowing very well what this action will lead to.
  9. Condemning taking babies and elderly captive, raping teenage girls and beheading civilians - is this now controversial? This is a pro-palestinian pro-peace statement, encouraging looking out for civilians on both sides. I really can't see how ANY of you, any human being at all, could condemn an ISIS condemnation.
  10. It's Monday, shut up!
  11. Now WHEN are we getting LA WHO AM I?? This is the THE leak we need
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