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  1. Yeah yeah I'm glad you get it! I just like how everything is intertwined. So iteresting
  2. Is the Juda Smith interlude a clapback at that cop? Talking about men in lust, wanting to have an affair - taking into consideration the alternate a&w verse she shared and the "you're a family man" line in The Grants..
  3. A dummy, but is FLAC the same quality as Spotify? What's better.? Also, what is the story with the censor on Fingertips?
  4. Already done Hebrew but would like to add Ocean Blvd. - Did you know that there's a tunnel under ocean blvd. האם ידעת שיש מנהרה מתחת לשדרות האוקיינוס? Ha'im yadata she'yesh minhara mitakhat le'sderot ha'okianus?
  5. I have never heard of the word Kintsugi before but now both lana AND fall out boy are dropping tracks that name on the same day💀 Fall Out Boy - So Much (for) Stardust(March 24th): 11. The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years)
  6. Sounds like her idk it sounds good too
  7. What in the kintsugi were the last 30 pages
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