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  1. This year the nomination are trash because they eliminated the blue ribbon Committee. Sincerely I want committee back, Peaches in SOTY is horrible
  2. Neohumanist

    Taylor Swift

    People who said that ATW10 is bad should get their ears checked
  3. Neohumanist

    Taylor Swift

    Can someone describe the All too well 10 minutes without spoiler????
  4. The Academy is just making up categories at this point. however I really hope she gets nominated and wins
  5. Maybe if we manifest…. I read in some sites that she submitted for AOTY, ROTY, SOTY, Best music video, best pop solo, best pop vocal album and Best engineered Album. I hope that she gets at least one nomination
  6. Dealer is literally trending with a lot of videos that have more than 100000 likes, but it is not helping the song
  7. If Lana is able to get an hit with an album that has 0 promo and with her account deactivated I will piss my pants, like who is doing like her!? And she is even in track to get another #1 on the UK chart. Manifesting Dealer [cedric gervais remix] ft Pitbull.
  8. I think we should spam Lana’s Manager because they need to make Dealer a single with a music video! That is the only way out of the flop era
  9. https://twitter.com/charts_lana/status/1451836167964577794?s=21
  10. Dealer will probably trend on tik Tok, there are a lot of popular videos(I saw one with 100000 likes) that use that song
  11. Pitchfork 7 giving every Lana Album the same score is peak circus (Honeymoon and Chemtrails 7.5 and BB and L4L 7.7
  12. This project has a lack of press because she doesn't want it, and pitchfork write about her pretty often (they changed BTD score last week). Also the fact that NFR was named best female album by the pitchfork readers will give BB momentum in the moment they decide the score, like QFTC and the mesh mask made COTCC tank. P.s.: sorry for my English, feel free to correct me, I want to improve
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