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  1. Watch Taylor win her 4th AOTY
  2. the songs you mentioned are movie songs so they can't win an emmy. But she got nominated for a Golden Globe with Big Eyes
  3. I think lana should just lie and tell people that this song was written for the show, so she can win the damn EMMY
  4. If I remember correctly she wanted to do a Musical. SO LANA DEL REY EGOT CONFIRMED WE WON
  5. The fact that she didn’t even get nominated for that song makes me feel sick
  6. Yes, Euphoria won an Emmy for All for Us in 2020, and maybe she could even win a Grammy . Her EGOT is coming.
  7. However no one has said the name of the producer, so both insider are useless
  8. The Insiders in this thread could spill the name(s) of the producer(s) involved, please?????
  9. I just discovered that All for us by Labyrinth won in 2020. If she win it'll be iconic
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