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  1. I remember this time last year I was so excited for the album - since the original release plan was September 2021 but oh well I'm sooo glad it's seeing the light of day soon and I am just as excited as I was then!! Zella is such an amazing artist and I still feel so sorry for her having to go through all the label hell early in her career. I wonder if she's ever gonna talk about the scrapped album in the future
  2. Is there any footage of it?
  3. Radio Silence is GREAT, I hope we get a date for the album soon. Honestly I thought she was gonna announce it with this single but oh well
  4. Seems like it's finally happening
  5. So... are teaser clips she posted finally leading to an album announcement?
  6. She retweeted this, maybe it means something lmao
  7. Uh oh, this is just sad. I just want her to have a proper album release At least we're getting some new Zella on a Cold War Kids song that's out on March 4th I think?
  8. It's so sad she's gone completely silent about the album for months
  9. Wishful Thinking and Soaked are amazing! Dancer REALLY grew on me. FIAD is the one I'm not that crazy about, but still it's a cute song that probably makes more sense as an album track than it does as a single (for me at least). Veeery excited for this album - she said in an interview with ELLE Sweden that it has lots of synths and electric guitars
  10. bonkbanisters

    Maggie Rogers

    She's been teasing her new album for SO LONG it better be GREAT
  11. What can I say... it's just a beautiful, stunning album Also I was a bit worried about the Thunder rework but it really turned out to be excellent. I really hope she does an entire album with Zach Dawes as the main producer one day!!
  12. Oh lmao... xD Well you seem to enjoy it so I hope it'll be worth the wait
  13. I also had to get used to Angus' vocals on the new album lol. If you listen to his newer solo work, you can definitely hear he's using the same vocal style there.
  14. I LOVED Apart but Dancer is just okay to me, sadly
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