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  1. Actually I loveeeeee what Rob did in Sweet Carolina with that piano,king definitely have a talent
  2. I hope that she will put some iconic aesthetic for her next album and maybe track like Cherry or TJF I love some sexy songs from Miss Del Rey
  3. Imo Watercolor Eyes is a love children of Cherry and PWYC so it’s gonna serve I know that
  4. EXACTLY! She’s gonna make all the tumblr girls comeback for number one spot AGAIN !!
  5. A lot happend today we are keep winning ! so now we all should comeback to manifesting that LDR9 will be her best album with trap influence
  6. sometimes I am jealous of all of that people who have leaks and info before us
  7. so good !!! can’t wait for the album
  8. I am tired of all of that speculations Someone blessed us with random lyrics and 5 second snippet and we will be fine for some time
  9. Okay so I have idea that Lana’s next project is new version or something like that for Born to Die and her next collab will be on that project. LDR9 era will probably start next to summer or late spring
  10. I just wanna know the vibe of the LDR9 PLEASE
  11. we ale ready for her serve can you give us some hints what album genre it will be ? sending love to france
  12. If this is the end…..I wanna listen to Yes to Heaven Blue Banisters version
  13. Oh shit I didn’t know that That kinda weird behaviour PLS
  14. let’s make a Eclipse Cult or stream Dua Lipa for BOZ maybe he will bless us with some info,love you Daddy Eclipse
  15. I think Honeymoun don’t even know how LDR9 sounds and they are just having some outtakes from NFR session or maybe that "bombastic" songs
  16. she can make anything for her next album but please no more songs like
  17. So what next ? BB is a very good album but honestly I kinda want more like cmon. NFR! Was that ALBUM and that ERA Maybe her next album(not cover album) will be more promoted and will have more "rich" production.
  18. theme of the next album will be fire and phoenix more tracks with the wfwf burning edit and bitchy lyrics
  19. I love LFL but how the hell BB and LFL have the same score on Pitchfork
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