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  1. This album needs to open with the sound of thunder
  2. Her mainstream era is coming mark my words Idk if that's a good thing though
  3. Yeah I know she has music pretty much done, idk I feel like after Crybaby all her projects have lacked a strong vision(Even though I like K-12)
  4. It makes me sad because I feel like Melanie could have achieved Lana-level of fame if she consistently put out music. I don't think she has any motivation for new projects and has no idea how to break away from her Crybaby character.
  5. I know that Lana will never do this but I think she'd suit an album like Dawn FM. Not necessarily the 80s pop but I think it would be really cute if she did a little radio broadcast thing within an album kind of like the honeymoon hotline.
  6. Discuss your favorite and least favorite of Lana's street style looks here! (If this thread already exists feel free to delete)
  7. Love how she's not even acknowledging honeymoon
  8. Happy Birthday Honeymoon<3 One of the most romantic, cohesive, and just overall beautiful albums to exist
  9. Are we thinking LDR9 or Paradise anniversary?
  10. The fact that this has been Lana's biggest streaming year ever, she's had a song in Euphoria, and is now potentially working with Taylor makes me hope that this era will be more mainstream.
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