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  1. i’m doubting it’ll be an album single but regardless it’s def going in my top 20 songs from her
  2. choosing to ignore this My thread on a leaked snippet of the song that used the same lyrics tweeted by an insider earlier - was taken down for violating rules or smthn
  3. yeah my thread was taken down by mods and you can view some of it in the no context lanaboards thread
  4. yuh 😍😍😍! i’m real close to being on the mods blacklist and five seconds away from ending up like yourgirl666
  5. the last time i was here was for my via antares contribution what the fuck is happening
  6. i don’t know if it’s been linked yet but i will later! https://www.ascap.com/repertory#/ace/search/title/via antares?at=false&searchFilter=SVW&page=1 link, lana in the writers section
  7. a song titled via antares was registered for a soundtrack on several music registries👀
  8. idk about y’all but i definitely deserve the mod queue award and the attention whore one😍💕
  9. ooh me and my friend wrote concept lyrics let me see if i can find them!
  10. i saw someone on facebook say the title was diamonds and curls 👀
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