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  1. wild one is honestly amazing i need to hear the honeymoon version
  2. I’m not entirely sure, I started listening to lana in late 2019/early 2020 after being recommended Ride and 24 on youtube. From being a doja cat stan before I knew about unreleased music so I decided to look for some for lana and I think the first song I heard was I Talk To Jesus. Since then it’s spiraled to where I am now .
  3. just to clear this up but the thunder that was released was an earlier mix, the one that leaked was the NFR! rework
  4. i mean fine china has a version reworked for bb so i hope we get that soon
  5. no confirmation on this but i’m pretty sure jack has a finished version of it somewhere if lana released an album purely of UV outtakes (maybe honeymoon too depending on which stage of production they were recorded at; eg. first few sessions), with like 50% leaked and 50% unleaked i could die happy
  6. very late to this but a full on Ultraviolence 2.0 with more outtakes (leaked and unleaked) would be to die for
  7. this was like my favorite song from lana when i first got into her truly unpopular opinion: paradise > nfr!
  8. lanaswildflowers

    Taylor Swift

  9. i don’t wanna seem like one of those people but lana’s music from 2015 and earlier is her best work
  10. i masturbated while terrence loves you was playing once
  11. dm please I’m mostly banking on honesty here but I had the lyrics verified separately, i asked both people/friends without telling them what I already knew, and when I asked about other info what they knew seemed to align. The only issue was one said multiple demos had alt lyrics while the other said only one, and one mentioned a fifth demo. Honestly just take it with a grain of salt but i’m 85% confident in it.
  12. the only things they‘ve gotten correct is info about the mtwbt demos but i’ve had info about it before they showed up, and those “vocal stems from soft ice cream” they mentioned were actually from ufb
  13. ugh everyday i want the honeymoon version of wild one. that heroindisaster bitch said it had harp stems
  14. unfortunately no one cause it’s being auctioned privately and you need to be “verified” to access it😭
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