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  1. But im not saying something against the rules. I didnt listen to any leak
  2. they're saying the album sounds like céline's lets talk about love
  3. Yes, I agree. I think all the albuns could be added in dolby atmos. Ultraviolence must me insane! About the interviews, I agree too. I don't like BBC interviews, they are shallow and don't go deep into music. It would be perfect with Zane because he knows how to just focus on music. But I also think she shouldn't do too many interviews. It seems that in this era we will have less exposure than in the Honeymoon era.
  4. The album should be released in dolby atmos on apple music. And I also wanted a face-to-face interview with Zane Lowe, much better than going to talk to the BBC. Sorry guys, I talk a lot about marketing because I work with this in the industry. i cant help it. lol
  5. Religion is obviously about her past, I really think it is about her relationship with K. I think Beautiful its not about alcohol, but about the time she used to drink a lot, love a lot and have the time of her life. Lets wait and see.
  6. Im so excited for BEAUTIFUL, guys. They said that she talks about the past, Jim and etc. I hope it has a clearer handwriting, like the old ones. I want something like yayo, pawn shop blues, white dress, religion. I love it when she writes about her past.
  7. i wish we had a music video for dealer with a lots of drugs, sex, violence and love, in a very caotic, dirty and small house. Inspired by jesse and Jane from breaking bed. unfortunely the culture is so boring and people get scary with anything.
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