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  1. fantano about to fry that bad girl line on bbs and all of the reworks
  2. kinda sad the string version of beautiful isnt the one on streaming still love the song though the sentiment is so beautiful, as lana would put it
  3. i remember her stylist posting a photo with her background vocalists and deleting it so it's either she performs textbook or releases thunder as a single on release day (like she did with white dress)
  4. all these reviews im so excited im putting off listening to the leaks as an after exam gift for myself next week
  5. for the lipsters who listened to the leaks where would you rank BB in her discography, sonically and songwriting wise?
  6. the leak is imminent atp... calling it by saturday night/sunday morning
  7. whats happening sisters im too lazy to backread 20 pages
  8. i think we can all agree that bb is easily ending solar power
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