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  1. I'd like to hear it but I'll wait and see if it's going to be released btw. JUSTICE FOR DELULU KING - #FREEDELULUKING
  2. 1. THE ULTIMATE LDR ALBUM 2. Blue Banisters 3. Sirens 4. NFR 5. COCC 6. Ultraviolence 7. Honeymoon 8. Lust for Life 9. AKA 10. Born To Die 11. Paradise.
  3. It was a missclick. Let me fix. Well I couldn't imagine better album. NFR who? But having 2 albums in the same year isn't a bad thing. We can actually make our own playlist of god tracks like I did.
  4. The ultimate LDR album: 01. Textbook 02. Blue Banisters 03. Arcadia 04. White Dress 05. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 06. White Hot Forever 07. Yes To Heaven 08. Wild One 09. Trio 10. Back Bathing Suit 11. Dealer 12. Thunder 13. Fine China 14. Wildflower Wildfire 15. Living Legend 16. Cherry Blossom 17. Nectar of the Gods 18. Yosemite Imagine White Dress after Arcadia... Yes To Heaven shares energy with COCC, WHF and Wild One. Trio after Wild One... Reworked and mastered Fine China after thunder... then WW and Living Legend. And Yosemite closing the album after Nectar...
  5. TheCherryBlossomed

    Song vs. Song

    Me when I troll White Dress >< ... vs Dealer
  6. YOUR GIRL!!!! (And Serene queen) Your Girl bridge could be the moment on UV...
  7. It's true but nothing wrong about it. Rock Candy Sweet/Fine China and maybe Wild One (but im not sure) for next album
  8. I didn't like Beautiful when I heard the album for the first time but now im obsessed. The 4 tracks after Trio has some insane melodies... My least fav is Sweet Carolina. I can see Lana and her relatives loving this song but im not one of them lol. Cute closing track after THE Cherry Blossom anyway. Yes. B and VDR sound very Taylor.
  9. And you are the worst lb user. Thank you very much for an unpopular opinion and bye. 1 - BB and Sirens 2 - NFR 3 - HM and UV 4 - COCC'k the god tier ep 5 - AKA and LFL 6 - BTD and Paradise
  10. Yes. It is UV/HM's sister AKA x Sirens BTD x paradise UV x HM x BB NFR x COCC LFL ?
  11. TheCherryBlossomed

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon is god god tier but I just love Blue Banisters so much... Ofc blue banisters Blue banisters vs Yes To Heaven
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