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  1. do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
  2. i know this would never happen again but my UV heart found a song that sounds like something that could be inspired by it, i’d take a crumb for her to make something that sounds like this again by my fav underground artist
  3. as a birthday present, can i please get some news lana
  4. i’m like 40 pages behind, did i miss anything? sorry i was actually touching grass for once
  5. can something happen ? WCE was only 3 weeks ago but feels like last year
  6. i love how greedy we are as if WCE didn’t just come out
  7. realistically - COCC. dreams - BTD meets UV with the glamor from BTD meeting the melancholia of UV
  8. can something happen? i’m tired of checking this thread every day and seeing nnn
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