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  1. i played NFR for my boyfriend and he liked it but still preferred BB. my holy trinity is UV, NFR then BB.
  2. i want an ultraviolence vibe album where (the first half) is sonically cohesive and it’s got that moody grunge vibe
  3. the pics from hilton hotel and the pictures of the arcadia mountain area or whatever it was
  4. maybe she’s already teased it and we just haven’t noticed yet like she did with arcadia
  5. and it’s always me lurking as if something new is gonna happen with an album that’s already out
  6. same as my order. you’re also the only other person on this forum who seems to like LFL
  7. so what’s everyone’s thoughts on BB now that it’s lost it’s hype. is it still in everyone’s favorites/top 3?
  8. my boyfriend said the best 4 words he’s ever said to me today when he started the car - ‘put on blue banisters’
  9. what’s everyone’s holy trinities and why is it UV, NFR and BB?
  10. i do miss the demo though. i played it so much and it had such a 60’s vibe to it. i do love the album version too, luckily i have both. my boyfriend likes it too which means he can stay. thunder (demo) wouldn’t have fit on any album of lanas other than TLSP one without it being changed so i guess i’m glad she changed it.
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