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  1. I remember exactly where I was when I heard BAR. I was lying on my bed and I was like "I gotta get my headphones" lol! I also remember when MMITPM leaked because that's when I discovered Lana had unreleased
  2. I have that vague memory of all of the Lizzy pics leaking... it was crazy but it was one of the first leaks for Lana to acknowledge in a very bad way what a moment
  3. Omg y'all... this Christmas better top ANY of the previous leak moments honestly imagine if we got like Malibu and the mike will made it songs right... it's the way we still don't even have some songs unedited for me
  4. All of October 2020 through November honestly seemed ICONIC asf... kind of like this October!
  5. Pls... a leaker nowadays will give us a SNIPPET and say they're feeling "generous"... or an "unmastered album" with a whole countdown according to wikia that was from October 14/15, it looks like stuff just kept leaking all the way until November 16 :0
  6. Omg... you know what name just came to mind when I read that? HIGHINTHEMIND...
  7. What happened October 4/5 2020? August 1 was definitely a day to remember...
  8. We really need something like what she was doing with Mike Will Made It, Andrew Kratviz, Blockhead, Eg White... similar to the sound of Femme Fatale by Britney. I think she really nailed it. We have no real pop albums from her and we really just need one solid one before her career is over
  9. For me, it has to be right when Your Girl leaked. It was SO unexpected and out of the blue! It was also during the LFL which was even more crazy. what about you guys? I think most of you will say when LIB leaked but that wasn't exciting when I saw it on dbree for me lol
  10. 2016 was such a weird year... what were y'all doing with your time honestly I remember so vividly how popular this guy was. If you were on Instagram you knew EXACTLY what "china palace" was. omgggg
  11. uhauIjoe

    Song vs. Song

    BBS versus Black Beauty
  12. She released an EP called "Wild" that I absolutely love! Listen below I honestly expected it to sound similar to Lana, but I really wouldn't say it does. She has a beautiful voice. Makes me wonder if Lana and her made music or if she ever took inspiration...
  13. uhauIjoe

    Kanye West

    I'm pretty sure Lana and him collabed at one point. I'll still never be over him ACTUALLY calling Taylor and telling her about Famous, then her going back and retracting it. He is one of my favorite people on Earth. #Kanye2024
  14. uhauIjoe

    Taylor Swift

    I don't know what it is about it but reputation is my favorite album of hers... the story is really cool and it's just such a solid pop album. the cover is beyond cool
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