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  1. White dress! At first thought it was Let Me Love You Like A Woman cause they both have "I Only Mention It Cause.." You guys are good at this! this is from Honeymoon: DYL, DYLWYBAWYGT? SG, SGTTLATWYK
  2. Idk if this is gonna work but why don't we try? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when I was new to lana I didn't understand all of the acronyms that people use to refer to her songs ("HBTB" = "High By The Beach", "GKIT" = "God Knows I Tried" etc), but now as a fan it's much easier for me because I'm so familiar with her whole discog at this point... This game is about these acronyms but for lyrics This is how it should go: -Guess the song from the post above you -Pick a lyric from a lana song but only give the first letter of each word, and say where it's from (chemtrails, sirens, unreleased, etc...) example: [person 1]: from: Norman Fucking Rockwell! ATPTYT V,B,G,RTKMAALDW [person 2]: Cinnamon Girl! from: Paradise EIMD MMM JIMBF the first person's song is Cinnamon Girl because the acronyms stand for- "All The Pills That You Take Violet, Blue, Green, Red To Keep Me At Arms Length Don't Work" and the second person's song is Body Electric- "Elvis Is My Daddy Marilyn's My Mother Jesus Is My Bestest Friend" I'll start with something easy from: Born To Die IY, IY, IAFY EID ITYATT HIAPOEWY
  3. CampFireSmoke

    Song vs. Song

    Never To Heaven vs Bare Feet On Linoleum
  4. CampFireSmoke

    Song vs. Song

    Wait For Life vs Riverside
  5. "Loving you is like loving a dirty bum" - Resistance
  6. omg there's so much when I think about it...but my favs are probably Nancy Sinatra, Sylvia Plath and confessional poetry. also 60s culture, old hollywood, and seeing beauty in things as they are♥
  7. Bite Me is so fucking GOOD. bless her for still making 2000s music
  8. lmaoo look it up it's a popular addon. it's made in collaboration with Tor which is literally funded by the US government. I'm glad I could help
  9. So I'm relatively new here and had trouble logging in at first, but I found a way to fix the problem for myself and now when I see others are having the same issue I wanna share with you what I did. now I'm not a huge computer expert, but it seems the problem isn't with cache or cookies but with the connection security. so what I did was add the "HTTPS Everywhere" addon on my browser and since then I had no more errors. It basically encrypts your connection for websites that aren't secure (so I actually recommend using it in general). you can add HTTPS Everywhere from the extension store in your browser (if you're on chrome go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore and just type it in the search bar), BUT make sure you enable the "Encrypt All Sites Eligible" option after- (click the puzzle piece icon if you're on chrome) hopefully that'll help until the website is fixed
  10. I don't care about repetitiveness. Your Girl, Guns and Roses, Is This Happiness and Angels Forever are some of my favorite lana songs. I think sometimes it even contributes to the song's comfy-ness
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