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  1. iJoshicus


    Is there a full tracker with all the unreleased content? I missed all of it.
  2. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    Somehow I missed Time to Cry. It's really good. What do you think the original album was suppose to be called, and what do you think this album will be called? (If we ever get it)
  3. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    Thank you very much! Do you think Reminds me of You would fit better added to Clarity or to this album? (if you’re a MARINA fan, I added just deserts to Electra Heart) Also did anything from Slut Pop leak like Moby Dick?
  4. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    Okay, so I'm trying to get a Kim Petras 3 album together. Do all of these belong there or are they from different eras? 1. Malibu 2. Reminds Me 3. Future Starts now 4. Coconuts 5. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) 6. Born Again 7. Hit It From the Back 8. Je T'adore 9. Keep It 10. Left My Body 11. Problematique 12. Revelations
  5. Honestly I really enjoyed this album. Much more than her ionnalee music. Nothing groundbreaking, but I love a good ballad, and it’s essentially an easy-listening album. Don’t wait for me, canyon, and a thousand years were my stand outs.
  6. Not me realizing those aren’t the real lyrics until just now 😓
  7. iJoshicus

    Melanie Martinez

    Death, Sirens, Void, Garden, and Corpse are my favorites.
  8. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    I can’t get over how good “Treat Me Like a Slut” “XXX” and “Throat Goat” are. I can’t stop listening to them. Superpower Bitch, Slut Pop, and They Wanna Fuck are good too, but not amazing. I hate Your Wish Is My Command. I need to delete it.
  9. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    I’ve wanted to come say I really like this new EP but I feel like I’m going get flayed alive. This chat has been scaring lmao 😂 Anyways XXX is my favorite along with Treat Me Like a Slut and Throat Goat.
  10. iJoshicus

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm doing: 1. Notebook 2. Function 3. Test Me 4. Brain & Heart 5. Absorb 6. Numbers 7. Glued 8. Field Trip 9. The Bakery 10. History 11. Under the Desk 12. Lost & Found 13. Copy Cat (Bonus Track) 14. PIGGYBACK (Bonus Track)
  11. iJoshicus

    Kim Petras

    So I’ve never been a big fan of Kim, but I’m loving this new era. Coconuts, Treat Me Like A, and the other snippets on Tiktok are giving me LIFE.
  12. iJoshicus

    Melanie Martinez

    I did the exact same thing but with different tracks! 1. [5:07] Coloring Book 2. [4:02] Mistakes 3. [4:48] Where Do Babies Come From 4. [3:56] Rough Love 5. [3:27] Arts & Crafts 6. [3:58] Cooties 7. [4:02] Ring Pop 8. [3:42] Unhappy Meal 9. [3:26] I Scream 10. [3:33] Jump Rope 11. [3:19] Seesaw 12. [3:13] Trophy Wife 13. [3:26] Zzzz 14. [4:13] Psycho Lovers 15. [4:02] Rocking Horse 16. [3:30] Dead To Me 17. [4:49] Bittersweet Tragedy
  13. They're both fake, so that cuts it down
  14. So I'm organizing all my music into smaller amounts of albums, and I'm left with 23 songs. One is going to be "Cry Baby" and the other will just get added to "Unreleased." Which should be on Cry Baby and any thoughts on order? 108 17 99 Tears American Dream Crocodile Tears Dance Alone Elevator First Base Hallucination (feat. Coco Morier) Hater Anonymous Look At You Obsession One Paper Doll Sex Rules Shiny Toy Sick of You Take it Slow (feat. Cory Enemy) Too Many Boys Touch & Go Traces Untouchable Whatcha Gonna Do
  15. iJoshicus

    Melanie Martinez

    Nothing to talk about at the moment. The search on "the debris website" has just been non-stop spammed with beggars. But I really like the Transition from Tunnel Vison to Faerie Soiree to Sirens. I hope those three make it to the album.
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