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  1. Just for interest sake, what is going on in that back cover image? LDR and her friend at a party, with a cat of some kind, hovering over a trophy cup full of something? And why do we get the lyrics to only a few songs in the CD booklet, just like in NFR and COTCC? (This has always bugged me!)
  2. Oh, it's fucking brilliant, like so many others on this monumental album. Every spin of BB that I do I find new beautiful things on it. And I'm convinced that it wins the award for the most criminally overlooked album of 2021.
  3. Yeah, but I don't want to start changing names. I'm Skuj. AKA....
  4. I don't mean Grammies and shit. Lists, like Consequence Of Sound, NME, Pitchfuckingfork, etc etc etc.
  5. Maybe it has been mentioned here, or elsewhere, so I am sorry if I missed this: I generally start obsessing over the AOTY lists around this time each year. I check all my favourite (and not so favourite) music sites. One thing that shocks me this year: WHERE THE FUCK IS BLUE BANISTERS? How could such a beautiful album be so monumentally ignored?
  6. I think the lyrics to Arcadia would make Dylan blush. Fucking magnificent.
  7. Sometimes I think that some of you are ranking in reverse order.
  8. I have a regret. I wish that instead of "Skuj", I registered as "Fuckin' Mr Brightside". Edit: I like my new sig. Do you?
  9. Yes. I consider The Trio to be a part of Arcadia. I bet LDR does also. I mean...is there even a break between the two?
  10. Hmmm.....off the top of my head..... 1. Lawrence Of Arabia 2. La Dolce Vita 3. 8 1/2 4. Vertigo 5. INLAND EMPIRE 6. Dead Of Night 7. 2001 A Space Odyssey 8. Casablanca 9. King Kong (1933) 10. Satantango 11. The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp 12. Out 1 13. Celine And Julie Go Boating 14. The Thing (1982) 15. Dekalog 16. Persona 17. Stalker 18. L'Avventura 19. Jeanne Dielman 20. Night Of The Hunter
  11. If somebody puts a gun to my head and demands that I declare my favs from BB, I must go with Thunder and If You Lie Down With Me.
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