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  1. @Surf Noir that's actually pretty true now that you mention it, I forgot, I feel like it hasn't been the same feeling from years ago though
  2. It has been so long since I discovered Lana unreleased but I remembering finding them through music app services, her released I think I found on YouTube, first song was Born To Die, but then I wanted to play it with a catalogue that would have uploaded music (dbree is somewhat similar, for a contemporary version I guess), and I thought I found a lot of her music that people didn't find, but then I went on YouTube and discovered Tumblr, so really it's Tumblr but I would have never found all of it without the mp3 app lol I think it was called musicpleer it was downloaded to my phone, looks dead now though. Like I remember the song "Music To Watch Boys To" was actually the title of Driving In Cars With Boys, so later when she released MTWBT I was like wow I wonder whoever uploaded that must have been really lucky or saw that concept title earlier, also this post is a mess with grammar sorry I can't word it right LOL...
  3. I think the moment we went from Tumblr leaks to social media was the death of Lana's unleaked being fun and cool and interesting... the last thing that leaked on Tumblr was over five years ago
  4. This is genuinely one of her worst songs (off of her worst project.) It literally sounds like some stem edit mash up of vocal outtakes and a guitar track. I think she even mentioned how she admitted to rhyming "you" and "you" on the chorus. The fake alternative mix I like a bit better, but I seriously cannot fathom how this got on the album versus Cherry Blossom, or Your Girl. Filler track
  5. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    ... what the fuck is this 1700 B.C. (X.C.X.) by Charli XCX x Serwah #1/1 - Charli XCX x Serwah | OpenSea
  6. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    The original designer always had the intention to make the effects on the photos - I am actually pretty sure the shoot was just meant for the singles
  7. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    Good find. worth noting that the BLUE and GREEN covers are different than these presses Versus the final versions/designs edit: I just realized that you can get the photo without the darkness by getting just the photo see below
  8. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    Not sure, I would love to know!
  9. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    No, ice cakes was an instrumental existing then it was just placed over TPNO instrumental, the fake version is a lot better though
  10. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    Honestly with some reverb and autotune I feel like someone could recreate that version
  11. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    We need a christmas remix now that the stems have leaked NOW
  12. Doijroij

    Charli XCX

    THIS is... AWESOME! T
  13. Looking through this thread is kind of funny, like a time capsule. I know in the United States most people are vaccinated, in big cities like New York City, yet they are having so many cases, and a lot of issues. A lot of people in Istanbul are vaccinated, the vaccines in Asia do not work for the United States I read. I had Covid-19 in March, and now my mother has it, so I probably have it, I am getting tested at a center tomorrow, I was never scared of the virus neither was she, but it is just a major inconvenience for us both. I am not sure how accurate the test really is though, but ok. Since the vaccines are not working in the United States, I do not know what they well do next, I heard Australia is putting people into camps
  14. I think a 2021 version of Brite Lites would really change the world honestly. I could see it making it on the radio. Also Hollywood with the real production
  15. Thank God she and Lana never did a song. That was seriously a moment for me. Are she and Lana still friends?
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