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  1. can we talk so much more about the "my father never stepped in when his wife would rage at me, so i ended up awkward but sweet"??? I just love the fact that she really talks openly about her relationship with her mother. I know that she is not really close to her but i didn't imagine it was this kinda feeling and the fact that she calls her "his wife" and not "my mother" its kinda sad
  2. @Surf Noir Totally agree! I do think that now shes gonna get really into her personal life and produce a fucking good album
  3. After her grammas death i think she will change some things in her new album.... Maybe even the name (?????) just a thought what u all think?
  4. Tbh what i thought on her dress + jacket on variety award People keep saying that its a cheap dress and she wore it bc it symbolises how humble she is. I agree but i definitly think it wasnt on purpose, Lana has always been that way. We all know that. You can see by the her street style, some events and even concerts. I´m not saying she does not wear expensive shit but i dont think its really her lifestyle.
  5. Sending all my love to lana rn
  6. suicide blonde

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    Chemtrails vs playing dangerous
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