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  1. so ldrvillage is saying big things coming/stay tuned for announcements?? we thinking LDR9 or instead maybe some ride/paradise 10 year anniversary stuff?
  2. the way lana knows about terri joe now is sending me
  3. alexlanawhore

    Weyes Blood

    she performed at my school a few months ago and said her new album was coming in the fall soo hopefully she starts the rollout soon
  4. to my BB haters maybe you will be happy to know NFR has taken the #1 spot with BB at #2. talent did that
  5. hmm ok maybe they weren't trolls after all these tasteless comments
  6. Hi It seems there are a lot of trolls on Metacritic right now trying to tank all the top albums ratings. As Blue Banisters is at the #1 spot I thought I would mention it on here in case anyone wanted to go give it a 10/10 rating and help keep it there. The rating has gone from a 9.6 to a 9.3 so the trolls seem to be making an impact. Also sorry if I shouldn't be posting this here, just let me know https://www.metacritic.com/music/blue-banisters/lana-del-rey <--- link to give a rating
  7. ok but the drum set behind the piano in rob's post
  8. my obsession with once upon a dream is coming back so that means we need grandiose dan heath orchestra slay humming and vocal-ness for ldr9 <3 hope this helps
  9. for sure but that means you have some idea??
  10. does anyone remember in the IG livestream when the album dropped and lana mentioned her singing a word she's never sang before and how it 'changes everything' or something but she wouldn't tell us the word?? did we figure that one out
  11. coming out of my lurk era to ask about this ring???
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