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  1. even lana with her picsart credentials could have made a better designed post.. but lemme stop hating and go to bed
  2. good thing im already getting my passport so i can do the alexlanawhore come to brazil challenge!
  3. stoppp im honored but just being clear i didn't actually think it was lana's grandmother
  4. what a horrible way to remember her grandmother with a bleachers collab...
  5. also i wonder what the real reason for the delay was, on ATRL BOZ made it seem like her label/management was mad that a lot of info about the album was spilled so i feel they would've moved it earlier than march 10th...
  6. when she rents a taco truck and parks it in santa monica for a pop up moment like during NFR era
  7. we need antother post her website isn't even updated yet it still says march 10th
  8. i just read all 60 pages of this bullshit BOZ may have debunked burn me where you flop but he never denied An Eulogy For Who She Once Was lets move!!! ill tell the tiktok stans
  9. i can't remember but did someone say a while back that the ann tomberlin credited on track 14 was one of lana's friends? i wonder what the song is about if so
  10. me after i stumble upon eclipse in the mountains and need to get him to talk about the album: btw he said track 13 is called Karmic lineage (my ancestors know I kissed Chuck) ft. bleachers i promise
  11. i can't believe i was in the mountains the entire weekend without my computer and i had to read this damn thread on my phone with -1 bars of service and i couldn't remember my god damn lanaboards password all i can say is that this album is gonna eat and if it mass leaks any sooner than a week before release ill cry
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