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  1. I read the summaries and I see that the btd 10 year info was taken off the summaries. Any chance there's more info about that?
  2. lernerderrey

    Sure, Jan

    I've been so tempted but it's like another couple hundred dollars that I don't have 😭😭😭 maybe if it gets enough streams lmao. Thank u for listening 🥰
  3. lernerderrey

    Sure, Jan

    Hi lb xoxo The last couple of years I've been working on this experimental noise album. Inspired by Cass Elliot, Van Dyke Parks, and LDR. When Lana teased UV, she claimed it was "unlistenable." This term really stuck with me and since then, I've wanted to record an album so layered that it is impossible to hear every part. I was heavily influenced by Cass Elliott's album Dream a Little Dream of Me and Van Dyke Parks' Song Cycle. There's too much to say tbh so I'll just shut up now. I present to you, my debut album, "SURE, JAN" https://open.spotify.com/album/4GLLlY76cf8XMxIfatx8S0?si=GOxlcHu3SsOkdwZTBoZX8Q Here's the Bandcamp link with lyrics 👀👀👀 https://onlineparades.bandcamp.com/album/sure-jan
  4. I remember it leaking and ugh I remember listening to live versions of body electric for months before and ugh the official version was a let down but I love this little ep I drive fast
  5. People saying they are above and now against leaks should deleted everything that they have that's leaked. Maybe kahne outtakes could emerge from this. Probably not tho. Whoever did this is disgusting and I hope they send her the book files and I hope they don't leak her book or any projects she was going to release. Also give her the cameras back
  6. How will we ever know if a leaked song is from this robbery?!? So sad... I knew about it happening one time, but she said this is the third time?!? When was her second hard drive stolen?!? Feeling awful for her. Love u Lana
  7. lernerderrey


    Also white horse can be slang for heroin
  8. lernerderrey


    The chords are similar and melodies fit over each other. I meant this in a good way, as in, this album sounds cohesive
  9. lernerderrey


    It kinda reminds me of video games for some reason
  10. Lemonade motorcycle heaven 😭😭😭
  11. I remember preordering it on itunes and being obsessed when it dropped. I remember finding out the lyrics contained old demo lyrics in some places. Her snl performance got me hooked.
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