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  1. Questions for those who already heard the album. Which of her albums/songs do you think Ocean Blvd sounds the most like or have the same vibe? Does she use her lower register? How would you rate the album out of 10?
  2. what💀 we had two boob pics of her and y’all never said anything?
  3. it’s the link for her official shop… back cover of the white vinyl…
  4. here y’all go https://www.lanadelrey.com/wp-content/themes/lanadelrey/assets2023/gfx/4_3.png
  5. Y’all need to take a closer look… White Vinyl…🔥🔥🔥 We have a new boob pic.
  6. same + i ordered the green vinyl from another store on Wednesday and the date is also still March 10th…
  7. the way she’s crediting the samples but Miles Kane is still nowhere to be seen on Dealer💀
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