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  1. god

    Charli XCX

    If you'd read my post you'd see that I don't want an apology and I thoroughly explained not only my side of the story but also his. You don't know what kind of person I am so shut the fuck up.
  2. god

    Charli XCX

    Someone brought it to my attention that I was being talked bad about on here, so I wanted to do the mature thing and PM this to Reloaded myself on OGG, but ironically he blocked me. Since he wants to go around slandering me and other users I'm going to post this PM to him for everyone else to read just to set the record straight. I saw what you said about Spivey and I on Lanaboards and I just wanted to clear the air and let you know that the secretproject thing really had nothing to do with you personally. Yes, we added you into it for the sake of comedy but I don't think you have any right to take it as a personal attack. Even nills wasn't really bothered by it and we called him a goat. And as for the Charli XCX shade, the fact that you're that self centered is your own problem. If you want to take every comment about her as a personal insult, be our guest, but you aren't her only fan. I also think it's really disrespectful and dishonest how you decided to play the victim and completely leave out the fact that you told Spivey to kill himself and made fun of him for being bipolar. We didn't go get everyone to gang up on you. You just act like a bitch all the time and act shocked when it comes back to you. You've said some really awful and hurtful things and we're defensive of our friends. That's really all it is. Don't act like you're being bullied just because you're the lone kid who threw a rock at a beehive. I don't think that anyone hates you or has any more hard feelings and I apologize for even bringing this old drama up. If your feelings were actually hurt, then I apologize for that but you need to man up and get over it already. I'm not going to have you going on other websites A) giving OGG a bad reputation and B) saying things about me that aren't even true. I'm not even looking for an apology, I'm just letting you know that it's all water under the bridge and I don't want to have a petty little feud with you over nothing. And for someone who allegedly got ganged up on, it's confusing why you'd want to keep pushing people's buttons and bringing it up. No one was innocent in the situation so let's just be mature and get over it.
  3. I don't think Lana ever disliked Gaga. She posted a negative comment about just dance ( I love Gaga to death but let's face it, her first few singles were meaningless party music ). I may not like Nicki Minaj as a public figure but if I knew her personally I'm sure my opinion of her would change. I might say Nicki's new music video is stupid but that doesn't mean I hate her as a person. And of course I think Lana respects Gaga as an artist.
  4. I wish but she'd probably bomb it or turn it down even if they asked her. Not to be mean but I feel like if they asked her they would only be doing it with the hopes that she'd mess it up to make people talk about the EMAs. I'd like to see her present an award or something.
  5. god

    Video Games (Cover)

    She tried way too hard and I think she sang it too low. It was like she was desperately trying to turn it into a gospel song or something. Didn't seem genuine at all.
  6. Off To The Races 18 National Anthem 64 Carmen 67 Million Dollar Man 42 Without You 39
  7. Ride - 19 Cola - 25 Blue Velvet - 8 Gods & Monsters - 10 Bel Air - 68
  8. Born To Die 9 Off To The Races 24 National Anthem 53 Carmen 59 Million Dollar Man 39 Without You 40
  9. Ride - 19 Cola - 24 Blue Velvet - 9 Gods & Monsters - 11 Bel Air - 68
  10. Born To Die 9 Off To The Races 23 National Anthem 56 Carmen 61 Million Dollar Man 37 Without You 38
  11. Born To Die 15 Off To The Races 27 National Anthem 44 Carmen 63 Million Dollar Man 36 Without You 39
  12. Ride - 19 Cola - 21 Blue Velvet - 18 Gods & Monsters - 9 Bel Air - 64
  13. Born To Die 18 Off To The Races 26 National Anthem 39 Carmen 64 Million Dollar Man 35 Video Games 43
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