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  1. wow, I wasn't the biggest fan of the snippet she posted but she knew what she was teasing
  2. Kintsugi is beautiful but Fingertips is DEVASTATING and I like to suffer. Therefore, Fingertips >>>>
  3. I'm glad Venice Bitch turned into its final form for NFR! becoming the classic it is. But I also think ending DYKTTATUOB with the demo version makes sense sonically and it contrasts so much with the heavy themes from the first half of the album. It's kinda giving
  4. For me it would go something like this: 1. Honeymoon (no doubt about this one) 2. Born to die 3. Ride 4. The Grants (don't like it as much as some of the tracks below, but it definetely flows nicely into the title track and It feels so short, almost like an actual intro) 5. Cruel World 6. Norman Fucking Rockwell 7. White Dress 8. Kill Kill 9. Text Book 10. Love (no doubt about this one either) It's not about how much I like the songs but how well I think they work as openers.
  5. Hi! I've been reading LB in the shadows for ages so I'm glad I have joined in such a moment of madness.
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