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  1. i would like to hear a proper definition of what the fuck "cult vibes" is cause these adjectives are truly something else
  2. Paris, Texas is one of her best i feel like a fairy flying around a magic forest watching witches playing around with spells and collecting flowers for their altars
  3. the "i feel lucky" line is so obviously sarcastic but in such a painful way, she's trying to cover up all her pain and struggles by just pretending to be okay around her partner and other people. CN THE WOMAN THAT YOU ARE
  4. critics can suck my dick tbh, Ocean Blvd is made to be listened to a couple times before forming an opinion just because of how dense it is. a single listening session with all critics is not enough, idgaf about them. timeless records arent universally loved and much less loved at first listen
  5. anyway! im off to sleep. i hope you dream of CN Glitch Pop version so i can read what u heard when i wake up!!!!! STAY DELUSIONAL BABEZ
  6. being completely honest, there’s no way lana could make such a risky track and go absolutely UNNOTICED by 99% of reviewers. RIP glitch pop demo it was beautiful having you for 12 minutes.
  7. i think talking about people's private lives is taking it a little too far, just an opinion assuming that what this person said is true obv update: it wasnt true good
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