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  1. that's how all her records are, this gives us nothing im afraid. yall really holding out hope for this song huh..
  2. whoever did that shit to her is going straight to the PITS
  3. of course the ONE time i don't get my hopes up about something lana related this happens BYEEE
  4. oh god. im so sorry elle. what a piece of shit idk whats so funny ab convincing someone that something they've worked a decade to build is about to be ruined
  5. ngl at first i heard "girl, i love you" and thought we were getting a coming out album /j
  6. the people crying ab the piano in the comments? be fkn fr ANYWAYS im excited asf 🐀
  7. it's just sad she feels the need to do that, my mom has me edit nearly everything before she posts them so that she doesnt "look fat."
  8. this is like.. the 3rd stalker she's had?? so disgusting and ridiculous. leave celebrities the fuck alone - actually fuck being a celebrity, for anyone to do this to anybody is twisted and nauseating. everyone is entitled to their privacy and human decency?? i feel so fucking awful for her. it has to be soo tiring now. honestly if she quit today i wouldn't blame her.
  9. I'm bringing a box of twinkies 💕 anyways do yall think she's announcing something tomorrow im just excited for all the content we might get we always get a lot of posts on her birthday from other people
  10. i hope they are tbh they seem happy and i only ever want lana to have the little babies and husband shes always wanted 💕
  11. the girls that get it, get it...
  12. this might be a little out there but i wouldn't mind her experimenting with electronic music 😭😭 ALSO soft rock (which there's some aspects of in UV)
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