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  1. Peppers


    Makeup is horrible. The other 2 are ok. A downgrade from the standard.
  2. Peppers


    Unpopular for a reason, it's her best song imo. Much better than Mid Up and half of the unreleased demos this forum begs for
  3. I remember seeing a Masochism cover that used this picture, if anyone here has it PLEASE do share I've been desperately trying to find it but it's literally lost
  4. I've finally decided to get into her music, I heard a bit of Guardian and it sounded great What covers do y'all use for Masochism?
  5. Peppers

    Kim Petras

    Just a reminder that Dance to Forget was NEVER on Problématique and it's just a day 1 demo she abandoned as soon as she recorded it. Revelations and Sex Talk are the same, HIFTB got shortened.
  6. Peppers

    Addison Rae

    I didn't screenshot it but I *knew* she was going to take it down so thankfully I wrote it down on my notes
  7. Peppers

    Addison Rae

    I don't know how to feel about this I Got It Bad is such a good song but I want new music, not songs from 2 years ago that we all know and have. She had a Spotify playlist of reference songs for the new album (it got hidden recently) and it was super interesting, it went from Madonna to Hole to Imogen Heap to Selena Gomez to Lana Del Rey. Can't wait to hear what she has in store for us!
  8. Peppers


    How shocking!
  9. Does anyone have a snippet of Fingertips from the listening party? People are saying it sounds different
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