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  1. This was my first pre-release as an active user, before I only browsed the forum a few times and was not even registered. It was actually fun.
  2. you guys have the best ideas. I wish Lana would see this and take it into consideration.
  3. I wish Lana had a team to encourage her to do this kind of thing. I can imagine a scenario for every song on the album.
  4. this week will be too long, I can't wait to listen to the album from the digital platforms. And my vinyl doesn't arrive until days after the release.
  5. YES. He reacts track by track. I don't know how he will react to the interludes. A&W + Judah Smith Interlude and Candy Necklace + Jon Batiste Interlude or Judah Smith Interlude + Candy Necklace + Jon Batiste Interlude
  6. I can't make a ranking because I like all the songs. But this is my top 7.
  7. when everyone said it would be the most hated song because it's a collaboration with Jack.
  8. I must apologize to @tulsa jesus freaks. I really have no problem with you. I am sorry if you were upset by my post.
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