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  1. I definitely agree. Some things just cannot be emulated properly in a digital way. It really sucks that polaroid film has become so expensive over the years. Or at least in the Netherlands it is. €18 for a pack of 8 photos...
  2. I think they're really good! I think the goal should not be to produce an outcome that could pass as Krug original, but to try your hands at different techniques and learn a thing or two from the way other artists work. For example, I haven't really tried my hands at these manual colouring techniques I see in your edits yet. Definitely somethign to explore.
  3. Heya! That would be great, if it’s not too much hassle :-)
  4. Hi all, I’m Jort and I’m a creative living in the Netherlands. I mostly create collage art, posters and illustrations, but I’m looking to experiment a bit more with photography. I’ve been fascinated by the work that Neil Krug has done with different artists, like with Lana. His psychedelic, dreamy visual style really resonates with me and I would like to get some insights into the techniques and methods he uses, particularly in the editing department. To be clear: I’m definitely not looking to copycat Neil’s work or style one-on-one. As an artist I know how shitty it is when people jack your stuff and I respect the hard work creatives put into their own thing. I’m primarily looking to learn from his approaches and the way he utilizes textures, post-processing and other things that are done in a digital environment. And where better to ask this question than here! Do you guys have had any success in getting a grasp of the editing techniques that are used, or have you found other ways of getting similar results? I found a few mentions of tutorials scattered around the internet, but most links are dead or the posts have since been deleted. Something like a Photoshop (the program I’m most experienced with) tutorial would be great, but I realize that’s maybe a little too much to ask. In any case, don’t be afraid to get really specific in sharing your insights :-) Thanks in advance! - Jort
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