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  1. yeah there is huge amount of her stuff, a lot of it is circulated, it'll all leak eventually
  2. Most of these have been circulating for ages, and there is at least 100 more songs
  3. wrdgaf it’s not a major holiday
  4. Meghan Markle and Princess Diana on September 8th, 2022 at approximately 1:30 PM:
  5. Please be respectful when talking about the Queen. She was a head of state, a monarch, a mother to multiple pedophiles and most importantly a devoted cousin to her husband .
  6. methamphetamine


    Plastic is on it? I thought she would’ve taken it off considering it leaked a year ago
  7. methamphetamine

    Tove Lo

    i never got into her but this song + mv was amazing!
  8. i'll believe it when i see it…
  9. she has so many good songs that were more worthy of being put in a movie yet they chose mr badman…
  10. oh wow a new hopefully official release ???
  11. she's fine she's just lazy
  12. it's from an article, there is no collab. they just took pictures together oustide a studio unfortunately…
  13. why is there even a thread for it
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