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  1. The bang ... honeymoon is alive and breathing
  2. I don't know anything, I just know that I don't want to see Jack Antonoff anywhere
  3. lana someday on her ig stories: serial killer piano version coming soon! for u guys x.
  4. the only thing truly exciting about lana releasing this song is that... RICK NOWELS
  5. It would make sense to add more things because what sense does it make to listen to the same thing that you have already heard 100,000 times only with a different production?
  6. I'm crossing my fingers that it has new vocals because I loved that snippet I found the other day on that site, lana said something like and I go swimming, swimming by the air... it was in ultra LQ and I don't remember what it said either, but it was an additional part something rock, but I loved it, lana knows it's a silly and simple song so I have faith that she will add more stuff mod note: don't share where to find leaks
  7. if it wasn't for these photos I wouldn't have realised how much she looks like Marylin nowadays! much more than in 2012 when she played her in National Anthem, I guess it's because her face is chubbier and friendlier so to speak, since Marylin wasn't really that thin.... Lana looks beautiful representing the Old Hollywood and artists of that era, luv her <3
  8. Girl let's be honest, only locals listen to this song, they literally don't realize how bad it is. Search on Spotify and an edited photo of Lana will come out. I hope Lana changed the lyrics of the song and make a lot of changes to it, I don't understand how "lana stans" have this song as a favorite, compared to any other song officially released this song is shit, I have to admit that the production is really good and the vibe is very nice, but the lyrics...
  9. some of the lyrics on this album are even better than some on Ocean Blvd. Some of the lines on Ocean Blvd feel like they were put in randomly¿. Like that white woman lyric in grandfather... and in other songs it also feels like a lot of her lines are randomly placed and Lana is just waiting for the audience to give it a great meaning. Ocean Blvd is a nice improvement from Blue banisters but I wish the lyrics would go back to being as deep (in the sense of analysis) as they used to be on the previous albums that NFR! I used to spend hours analysing UV and Honeymoon, now I just have to listen to the song to know what it's about....
  10. This is no longer a rumor, it's true, every time they make a thread of "Rumors" in lanaboards they come true soon
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