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  1. tantalus

    Kim Petras

    So with the title track leaking, I want to compile the leaks and already released to create the album in iTunes. Assuming there likely isn't an exact tracklist, what are people using for the tracklist for Problematique that is probably most accurate? I have a feeling there are compilations somewhere here but I don't have the strength to find them.
  2. exam season hell pushed me over the edge and finally got me into Lana give us that new album soon hun xoxo
  3. I have the boxset too and mine is the same. I think they must have designed this set of cards before they decided on the final digital set. If you look at Florence's video showing off the boxset, her cards are the same
  4. She gave background vocals on Girls Against God and Dream Girl Evil Also, from what I can see on the deluxe vinyl, Isa isn't mentioned in the thank yous when other band members (Rob, Tom, etc) are. I wonder what happened there since she hasn't been at the intimate shows as well
  5. I need some more standing tickets at the Saturday London show to be released or at least go on resale because I might go insane otherwise. The only reason I didn't get tickets for the November UK dates was because I already spent all my money on a ticket for the intimate shows I need to see more of Dance Fever (and Delilah ) live in concert.
  6. Its just so right that our minds are this correct !
  7. I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but... 1. Dance Fever 2. HBHBHB / High As Hope 3. Lungs 4. Ceremonials Florence outdid herself and that's saying something because HBHBHB and HAH are some of my all-time favourite albums in general she's like the Scarlet Witch of music I stg-
  8. Just got the vinyl boxset in the mail: - Search and Destroy is a cover of the Iggy Pop song as he is the writer in the credits - the card set is TINY but all the cards are the same except for King and Dream Girl Evil which are different - the lyric book has zero pictures I still love it though
  9. A song at the end of the deluxe edition, after the acoustic songs. Don't get your hopes up about it being an original because its probably an Iggy Pop cover.
  10. Unfortunately, they aren't digitally (apparently its rumoured to be released in June?). Although, they are being released through the deluxe cds and vinyls obviously. Also, has anyone else listened to the Apple-exclusive "poem versions" of King, My Love, and Cassandra? I didn't think they were real but My Love and Cassandra sound like something straight out of the Witcher omg
  11. wait nvm Cassandra clicked its literally one of her magnum opus songs its SO GOOD
  12. This album is absolutely incredible. It feels like her earlier work, combined with the realism of HBHBHB and the restraint (lol) of HAH. One of her best I fear Also gave a track-by-track review to feel like a music critic (with actual taste)
  13. Girls Against Inferior Studio Versions (I'm looking at you, 100 Years ) Also the insider was so right about this sounding like it's from NFR so, a serve I guess (do kinda prefer the live version though)
  14. No (I sacrificed my wallet for the vinyl boxset) and I know it'll ship soon but I'm impatient and want to know it's coming already
  15. Not sure how I feel about this slow of a ballad being right after Free and Choreomania but I live and breathe HAH so I'm certainly not mad at it
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